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Gosh, girlfriend, I didn't think anyone's stash rivalled mine -- but now I see I've been outdone! ;-) Good for you for setting deadlines. So far, my only deadline for using up my stash is 'when the Lord comes to get me and take me home'...and even then...think He'd like a pair of socks knit on the way?!


By Blogger Margaret, at 8:41 PM  

OK,so this makes me feel really guilty! I keep a yarn inventory on an Excel spreadsheet - updates are almost a year behind now - and it still totals over 400 miles of yarn!

The good news is that I've been doing a lot more knitting from stash - just need more arms. Being an octopus would come in handy about now.

By Anonymous diann, at 6:09 PM  

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Sunday, August 29, 2010  

Tossing the dross, keeping the gold I will NEVER buy yarn again!

My cyber twin is moving from a house she's lived in for more than a decade and she's going through the hard task of winnowing the golden kernals from the wheat chaff, and the book chaff, and the yarn chaff, dishes chaff, and all the other chaff that seems to filter down into the crevices and cranies of one's house. And I am filled with envy of the freedom she will have when she settles into her new place with only the cream of her crop.

And Inspiration! For, though she hasn't yet experienced the freedom of drosslessness, she is inspiring me to seek it in TheCastle. From which I do not intend to move untill medicare pays for it.

I want that clean swept house that has useful spaces, not doors and drawers that hide all the times I've been too weak, too lazy or too forgetful to throw out, say goodbye to, give away the things I no longer use. Not only does nobody want fortylevendy bottles of almost empty body lotion - it is ALSO not a crime to throw that little bit away. And so I dove into the bathroom cabinets - the ones beneath the sink, that had spilled out onto the floor one day last month, refusing to house the excess. I actually had to leave one tray of junk on the floor beneath the ironing board.

Happily nobody but me cares about that sort of thing .... my own particular Prince doesn't notice; kids don't either and we've only had younglings as guests this summer. But I notice and I was unhappy and I was envious of CyberTwin. And as a reward, I tackled the - um - let us call it the Spare Bedroom Stash, not the junk room.

I swear - behind that jumble there is an elegant walnut desk. I would like to use it sometime before its owner (LD) asks for it back.

Among all the stash I knew I had this Trendsetter rayon ribbon in a QueenlyGreen color. Purchased at Hunt Country Yarn - the most friendly and elegant yarn shop I know - I've only ever swatched with it. I've learned over the years that I really don't like ribbon yarn but as I was rewinding this slippery yarn, I thoroughly enjoyed the way it slid through my fingers. By the time I'd wound it all up ... I gave this stuff another chance. It should be a basic tank top for summertime. It has one year to become one and then it goes.

As evidenced by the label on the box. it has an expiration date.

There is 1,000 yards of this very thick happy yarn ... A Stitches '08 purchase that makes a very casual chunky fabric - I see I've done a guage swatch but I think it's too tight and will rip it out and try a bigger needle. this one too, though, has an expiration date. If I don't make something by the end of winter 2012 (that's 18 months away, give or take a few weeks) it goes to a new home too. I'm already pushing it with cunky yarn on my chunky body and these purples seem to dominate even all THAT orange and gold.

This other gorgeous stuff - another Stitches coup - has an unlimited lifespan. These are Queen colors. It's alpaca - so soft I could serve it up with a spoon. I just have to find the right thing to make with it. Even if it IS a chunky yarn. So there.

There is a bag of yellows and

a Box-0-Blues

Mink colored lace weight yarn (and a red and a pink lace weight, too)

Gorgeous blue and orange Malabrigo that is destined to be Somebody's Christmas gift.

And a gift of red cashmere yarn from MissC - fingerless gloves, I swear it - before December. Pour moi, vraimant.

Not just socks but a whole BOX-0-SOX yarn. Skeins and balls and twists of it! One of those cardboard file boxes jammed packed.

Shetland from Jameson and from my own spinning wheel

Un-photographed there are 10 balls of JoJoland Rhythm in coordinated colors, an enormous bin of mixed balls of yarn, enough KintPicks pallette to knit another KipFee all over agin and a Shelridge Farm Sweater Kit (that I paid an arm and a leg for and have yet to cast on the first stitch!!!)

There are, I am ashamed to admit it, also 9 UFO's - some near completion, some half way there. And that doesn't count this:

My Shawl Collared Vest (or jacket) which is motoring along nicely, thank-you. I'm about done with the ribbing and it will go even faster.

Well. So. Hmmm. I think I better leave the check book and plastic at home this fall during festival season.

posted by Bess | 7:36 AM


LOL! I too have been stash diving as the temps here dip, and fall is definitely in the air. The vest looks gorgeous and I love that you're making it for yourself. I have found more things to make for myself this fall too, but have prior commitments...With knitting, it's so easy to bite off more than one can chew!

By Blogger Margaret, at 12:07 PM  

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Saturday, August 28, 2010  

Stash Diving

I knew it was there somewhere - thank goodness not in the bins in the attic, since the sweet cool dry weather that flirted with us all this week has departed till some more auspcious day in the future. It's sticky and humid and it is going to get hot again.

Happily I am still in the startitis mode of New Fall Sweaters and, having worked the math for the shawl collared vest, [k3(these are steek stitches), P,Kb,P,K6,P,Kb,P,*Kb,P 28 times,Kb,P,Kb,P,K6,P,Kb,P,*Kb,P 28 times,Kb,P,Kb,P,K6,P,Kb,P,K4(these are steek stitches)] cast on and knit a few rounds, I began wondering if there was enough of this stuff. It is from an amazing yarn shopping coup I made at Stitches 2008 where I bought more yarn than should be legal ...only I did. I checked with the booth owner

and she said it was okay. Obviously brown through tan and orange are not popular colors in her neck of the woods. Their loss, my gain.

But I knew I'd bought an awful lot of alpaca in that haul ($15 for all you could cram into a bag) but I couldn't remember the details.




There's enough. In fact .... I am thinking ...... This could becocme a shawl collared cardigan. What do you think?

posted by Bess | 11:35 AM


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Friday, August 27, 2010  

Shawl Collared Vest

Way back in the days before TheBlog I knit a Meg Swansen Shawl Collared Vest for ThePrince, custom fit with short rows to go over a tummy. I thought this would be the perfect garment because he works so often in the cold office - with that nice curving collar snugging up against his neck. His comment after I finished it and he'd tried it on - "It's nice except I don't like this collar". I didn't have the heart to rip it off - and since his only other comment when I bring up making him a sweater is "I already have a sweater." (who can understand men) - I wear the vest around the house in wintertime.

But it's shape is so big and so rounded where I really don't need any extra that I don't ever wear it out in public. I've always intended to make one for myself and with this change in weather - and with a full bag of Elsebeth Lavold's Chunky Al sitting on top of the first stash bin ... the easy one to peek into, well .... I think it's time to cast on a gauge swatch.

Looks like I'm getting 4.25 stitches to the inch.

And 6 rows

So. Stay tuned. Actual knitting is happening in TheCastle.

posted by Bess | 7:36 AM


I used to buy Vogue several years ago when it was available in the bookshop locally. Now, sadly, it is no longer available here and there are only so many subcriptions one can reasonably be expected to get, so Vogue is now off my list. I liked it for its more cutting-edge designs, not that I often made anything from it, though! The sizes were often a little on the small size, unfortunately, although I believe that is improving now.

The designs you've showcased here are rather interesting, and eclectic! The jacket/cardi with the Hollow Oal Cable is rather smart but, like you, I'm not sure I would wear it. Nice, though.

By Blogger KathyR, at 6:30 PM  

Fall issues are the best! Must hunt down Vogue - it wasn't at the news stand on the ground floor of my building yesterday but maybe tomorrow! Love the asymmetrical cardi and would SO wear it to work.

By Anonymous diann, at 12:58 AM  

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Thursday, August 26, 2010  

Fall Knitting Magazine Season

Oh la! I found the Fall Vogue Knitting magazine in Walmart yesterday (remember I live in the sticks - that's our only store) and I knew it was really the end of summer. I was also very taken with the cover sweater - so much so that I bought the magazine without flipping through it. Fall issues are almost always the best issues of the year - when it comes to knitting magazines anyway, so I wasn't too concerned about getting a lemon. So. Just in case you haven't been to your local walmart or better knitting magazine location, here's my First Impressions Review of this issue.

First off - that cover sweater. Oh la it's gorgeous. It's a cabled cardigan in the most vivid blue you feel like you can reach your fingers in there and just scrunch it up. I don't usually think of deep royal blue as an autumn color but this cabled lovely with it's flipped up collar and raglan shaping with plenty of purl space between the clearly defined cables is perfect.

The text on the cover promises two new or newish knitting adventures. First is designs by Irina Shabayeva, of Project Runway - I saw that series and read about her in a previous magazine. I'm at least going to like seeing what she's come up with. Second is the promise of knee sock patterns. I've long wondered why there weren't more of them because the greater length gives so much more scope for design.

So let's flip the pages.

Lots of color right off the bat in the front page ads is always uplifting. On the table of contents there is a photo of opera length lace fingerless gloves - nicely designed with a familiar stitch pattern - looks like one of the Barbara Walker stitches, maybe with a tweak.

The Debbie Bliss ad that's opposite the editor's letter is absolutely lush - a zippered cardi with a glorious collar in something typically Debbie Bliss - lush, plush, I'm prompted to look up the yarn. GLEN it's called

Ahh - I didn't know - Vogueknitting LIVE! - I guess it's their answer to Stitches. This January. ALL your favorite designers and teachers ... Clara Parkes, Meg Swansen, Melissa Leapman Fiona Ellis, Nicky Epstein - dang - In January - in NYC - :( - too far away for me.

I often think the ads in the knitting magazines are better than the designs and woo la la - there's an ad for Bergere de France with a sweater I could so totally wear. It's a basic yoke sweater (easypeasy design) but there's this darling off center collar with a tie that so totally transforms this garment. Bummer. Can't find a photo on their website but I like a lot of other designs I found there - give it a peek.

Something I will complain about though this may be just my old age issue, is the typeface in their text. It's too pale. too grey. It's really difficult to read. The font is clear and it's spaced well enough apart: both the letters and the lines. But the ink is so pale. C'mon Vogue - spend a little more on the ink and make it easier to read. It's all interesting but I skim if my head begins to ache from eye strain.

I always enjoy the upfront news about new knitting books but heck. Wendy Johnson's book has been out forEver. I'd hardly call it a new book. Just sayin'. That's all. And while I don't need to read Meg Swansen's articles about the EPS sweater - I think it's good to reiterate that info because there are always new knitters coming along and they ought to have this basic knitting shape in their repertoire. Besides - I've always enjoyed Meg's writing style.

Nicky Epstein is also another designer who always intrigues - though I would not ever wear those ruffle spiraled gloves. Just wouldn't do it. I love me some embellishments but these didn't do it for me. Subjective comment here. and the news that she has ANOTHER book out there (the ad is on the opposite page from the pattern) will have me pulling out my plastic.

I also really liked Patons Lace ad just as an inspiration page. There's a nice long article about Kristin Nicholas, who's another favorite of mine - I can't wait to read it. outdoors. in bright sunlight. and a lengthy guide to knitting needles. I love to collect different needles, but I almost always just knit with Addi Lace. eh. some of us are just plain faithful.

Okay - enough about the front matter - let's get down to the patterns. Because this post is already long beyond most folk's endurance, I'll just tell you about the designs I like. I've already told you about #1 - the blue cardigan that I am still drooling over no need to say more about that

Next comes this colorwork hat - very nice and again in blues - colors I can't even wear. But this is so well done. I really love the variegated rib and the vine design.

This lace jacket looks to me like a Sleeves-in-your-Pi type jacket though it's basic shape is pentagonal instead of round. The technique for making it will be similar. I've been deep in the lace mode for about a year now and this design really tempts.

I was very intrigued by this asymmetrical cardi. I'm not quite sure it is for me, but I really like the way the designer conceived everything and of course - I am a sucker for the Hollow Oak Cable (of Flidas fame)

I really can see this sweater worn with a slim black wool skirt at a business meeting.

This cardi, otoh, is just cozy looking. I like the smocked detail. I like the mossy green variegated yarn. I like the collar and I like the hems on sleeves and sweater body. It's girly without being fussy.

This last sweater really floats my boat. I love the colors. (very Queen-ish) I totally love stranded colorwork anyway and the tiny dots in the upper body give the impression of texture without actually having to knit it in. I love the 3/4 length sleeves. I love the collar. I really love the set in sleeves. This is another Play-to-Work look I would adopt into my own wardrobe.

So. That's what TheQueen thinks about the 2010 Fall VogueKnitting magazine. Hope you enjoyed reading.

posted by Bess | 6:34 AM


Treasures untold, indeed, to unearth! What fun you will have looking and planning and dreaming. But, ahhh, who could not recall the lovely Flidas - so sad that it has been mislaid for so long. So much work, so much angst over it's design creation, all gone. Sad. But so much fun that there will be others to come and fill the gap.

By Blogger KathyR, at 6:22 PM  

Haven't seen the issue yet, but as to the cover sweater, IMO that collar is a Why On Earth? The body is all nicely relaxed and cable-y, trim and elegant, and then that little limp collar that probably had to be wrestled into non-curling submission for that photo? I am Offended - waste of a lovely classic sweater. If I am ever moved to make it, I'd pass on that little limp collar.

By Blogger Catherine, at 6:38 PM  

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010  

That Knit-a-Sweater feeling

Yup. I'm getting that feeling again - time to cast something that has long sleeves on to size 7 needles. It's been too hot to even look into my stash but the weather dot com guys are promising me 85 degree days and 60 degree nights - I can open up the treasure chests on Saturday and start doing some serious planning. Photos will be shared.

But just from what's in my memory database (I know, I ought to create a yarn database but I am entirely too lazy) I know there is:

Heavy worsted weight camel colored alpaca - a cabled cardigan with pockets ?

Light worsted weight JoJoLand handpaint - a whole bag of it

Worsted weight gold tweed to replace Flidas (remember that old beloved lost treasure from 2003??)

That bag of brick colored merino I bought to knit Bricka the Aran -

this is the sweater that taught me that I hate to make intricate cables - not because they are hard but because I find them boring. I doubt I'll ever make that sweater... I could rip it and cast on anew.... something a little friendlier

Then there is the Shellridge Cardigan I bought at MS&W 2009!!!! It sits beside the television in it's clear zippered bag, the glowing colors mocking my laziness.

Well - that is about enough yarn to fill one large 20 gallon tub and since I know I have 4 of them full of delicious things - just imagine the treasures I'll unearth. I believe I will have a photo heavy post in a few days.

In the mean time - Happy Hump Day to you. Get outdoors and enjoy this gorgeous weather.

posted by Bess | 7:26 AM


The overalls are so lovely! Hmmm, I wonder if any of my Grandgirls have dolls this size???

By Blogger KathyR, at 6:07 PM  

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Monday, August 23, 2010  

Some people have too much free time

But I am not one of them. I use my time to see to it that little naked dolls have clothes. Here's another garment for those darling 5" dolls (that my niece swears do evil things at night when we're asleep)

Doesn't he have that Huck Finn look?

Here's the pattern - written in my favorite pithy manner - a little more succinct than my muse EZ but not much.

Knit in the round using your favorite circular technique and distributing the stitches in whatever way you like best.

With a #3 cotton or substantial sock yarn and a size 3 needle(s)

cast on 28 stitches.
Join, being careful not to twist This join will be the center back.
Knit one round
in next round, P2, YO, P2tog, P6, P2tog, YO, P4,YO, P2tog, P6, P2tog, YO, P2
K one round
P one round
K one round, increasing 8 stitches evenly distributed
K 12 more rounds
K 18 stitches put remaining stitches on a holder – with such a small project, putting these stitches on a loop of yarn is the best option, but feel free to use the holder of your choice
Join those stitches, pulling the working yarn as tight as you can and knit 5 rounds on 18 stitches
P one round
K one round
Bind off in purl.snip yarn
Pick up 18 reserved stitches. With new yarn knit 18 stitches and join.
K 4 more rounds
P one round
K one round
Bind off in purl.
Use the tail of the joined yarn to sew up the gap between legs.
Weave in all ends

Make 3 stitch i-cord about 28 stitches long. Sew a knot in both ends using about 6 stitches for each knot. Strap will be about 14 stitches long. Measure against the doll to be sure.
Use knots as buttons to go into the little one stitch YO buttonholes, crisscrossing the straps in back.

posted by Bess | 7:13 AM


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Sunday, August 22, 2010  

End of the summer

The reunion has come and gone but it was a grand one. More than 70 people gathered at this quaint brick church

It was a gathering full of cousins

followed by water play

I always feel like summer is over when TheReunion has come and gone but there really are still a few weeks left of vacation time. This year I was determined to fulfill an ancient childhood dream to visit Tangier Island, VA. As far back as elementary school I was jealous of the children who's parents or Nana and Pop took them on the cruise to Virginia's smallest seaside village. You take the boat from Reedville, Onancock or Chrisfield to get there - or you may be lucky enough to have your own sailing craft and can get there on your own. We took the Chesapeake Breeze and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Tangier is a crabbing village - all the income comes off of the water, with crabs in the summer and oysters in the winter - or at least - that has been it's history for many years. It's a charming little place of egalitarian working folk with a strong community spirit ... they turned down Warner Brothers as the film location for the movie Message in a Bottle because they're a dry town and don't condone alcohol in any fashion.

In stead they're a town of narrow streets

A pretty white church

and crab shacks (dozens and dozens of crab shacks)

Oh yes - and beaches!! 2 miles of pristine sand beaches where I could go skinny dipping after dinner on Thursday. Honestly - this place was mine all mine and the water was delicious.

It's a grand place to sit and sketch and be quiet.

It's a place to walk and eat and sleep and walk some more. Here you're on Island Time and even though I was only there 2 days, I came home so rested. this is not fancy living, mind you, but quiet and slow and gentle and very friendly.

And now - now it's the last full week of August. Time to pull out yarn and think about winter knitting. Time to gear up for all the busy work that will be Fall 2010 - because my goodness I'm going to be busy. Work is crowding in on me like so many buzzing bees. Holiday festivities are just over the horizon and there is a BIRTHDAY MONTH coming in 8 days.

Hmmm. Now what do I want for my birthday .....

hugs to you all

posted by Bess | 8:06 AM


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Tuesday, August 10, 2010  

Not enough time? Let's look at that another way

So. On the day I post in my facebook status about how cramped for time I am, along comes this horoscope from MsHoroscope:

"Resources – time and money – are in focus as Venus, Pluto and Jupiter form a rare alignment. You may be feeling the pinch, in terms of your budget or your time. You have more resources than you realise, it’s simply a matter of prioritising - authentically – what to do with your money and your days. If you want financial security, trade time or skills for money. If you want more downtime, trade some income for better life balance. All the pieces are in front of you, you just need to find a new way to put them together. Today’s New Moon energises your hidden, resting zone. Give yourself some quiet uninterrupted space in which to put your analytical skills to work. "

It is true I am really rushed for time. There are a zillion things to do this week and I want to do each and every one. My work has suddenly become very busy and very interesting OR I have suddenly become very inspired to find interesting productive things to do to get me someplace I want to be. oh . Uh. Red Flags flapping and Whistles blowing?

I've been reading James Arthur Ray's book Harmonic Wealth and in it he says that it's not about the goal, it's about becoming a person who can reach the goal - which feels very good to me. He also says that to have a bigger anything, be it life, salary, job, circle of friends, you have to become a bigger person. Not a better person, mind you, just a bigger one.

I'm all about books that help you go places - starting with Julie Morgenstern's organizational advice

to the Hicks' books on the Law of Attraction

to Rick Warren's "The Purpose Driven Life"

And of course Martha Beck and her 4-day Win and Steering by Starlight books

And one thing all of them tell us is that when you ask for more and get it - things don't end there. We're not in a race to the finish - be it a dream house or a top job or a perfect weight. We are ever expanding beings growing into the person who can live the life we are creating.

The only reason I'm so busy is because I have thought of a better library than the one we have and to create it I have to manage lots more things. The only reason I'm so busy is because I really want a close loving relationship, not just with my aging parents, but with the sister who lived so far away for so many years, and is now close again and doing an enormous lot of work to ease my parents final years. The only reason I'm so busy is because I want to take that trip with Himself next week AND spend Friday with my cousin getting things ready for the huge family reunion on Saturday.

It really is about priorities. For every advantage brings responsibilities. Not a price, mind you - but just added items. And the way to enjoy the advantage is to believe it will work out. To believe that every problem that arises comes with it's solution - or solutionS and that is where the real reward is. Not in achieving the better job or the bigger salary or even the smaller weight - but in becoming the person who has More Solutions to Life's Issues.

I'm reminded of a day in January 2009 when I came to work to find our library's internet access completely shut down. The problem was convoluted and the solutionS were myriad, diverse, weird and amazing. And we implemented every one of them in a single 8 hour work day, changing our domain name, our internet provider, our method of connection, getting help from 3 institutions not even connected with the library and the following day we had internet access. The whole day I felt like I was riding on some light beam across the universe, picking answers out of thin air. I was in the zone. I was on my game. It wasn't even that I had to get it all done in a single day. I just knew we weren't going to fail and we didn't. We did better than that. We solved it all in a day.

Sorta makes me wonder how much time I actually fritter away NOT riding on a light beam and plucking answers out of the air.

The good thing about a day like that January Monday is that it proves to me that I can go light beam riding. I can have miracle days where everything happens. I just have to keep my consciousness on the happening, the doing, instead of the troubles and difficulties. They ALWAYS look bigger than they are and the answers are always closer than I had imagined.

posted by Bess | 11:49 AM


Very cute - bith the minibabysurprisesweater and CousinF!

By Blogger KathyR, at 11:27 PM  

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Sunday, August 08, 2010  

Miniature Elizabeth Zimmermann Baby Surprise Sweater

Here you have a blog that's almost all about knitting. I told you yesterday we had the most perfect 8 year old visitor in July. She came for the very first time with her parents, aunt&uncle, cousins and grandparents (who, in good old Virginia fashion are also distant cousins of BD) for a 4th of July picnic here. Mostly that sort of fun is outdoors and swimming and fireworks but of course I had to introduce her to The Bird Family

(you remember these guys)

and while I was explaining about them she gave me a look that said "Oh. You understand. You're my kind of person". We were thrilled when she wanted to come back on her own for a week - a bit of a stretch for someone not yet 9 who only met you once. And so I present you with Cousin F!

While she was here we explored all sorts of fun things. I do have the best toys.
It was also the week my knitting group meets, and since CousinF also knits, we were both fascinated and jealous when a friend brought this little doll she'd found at Ben Franklin. She planned to make wee little doll clothes for it as part of a Christmas present. CousinF and I both had extreme doll lust and had to make a mad dash to Mechanicsville to buy some dolls and cotton yarn. The results are above - and CousinF made doll hats and knit on the dresses some too.

I, too, know 2 little girls who really ought to have these little dolls, all dressed up and ready to go, moving in this Christmas, so I have been fiddling around with wee doll things. I also was knitting on a real EZ Baby Surprise sweater for a shower gift and got to wondering if you could knit a miniature version for these dolls. It would be a great way to make a little sweater with sleeves for these tiny arms. Here is the result - after a passable but, ultimately unsuccessful, first attempt.

Cute, huh?

Cast on 46 stitches and start the double decreases on stitch 12 and 34.

Knit in garter stitch till you've made 4 pair of double decreases,

knit one ridge without decreasing, doubling the stitches across the center portion on the second row of that ridge,

then start the increases. After 2 pair of double increases, bind off 2 stitches at the beginning of the next 2 rows

then knit a couple ... maybe 3, more ridges with double increases.

Bind off.

This means leaving off the part where you knit only on the back for a real baby surprise. These dolls don't need it.

Sew up the sleeves. Voila! minibabysurprisesweater!

posted by Bess | 7:43 AM


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Saturday, August 07, 2010  

A month without a post?!?

This is the worst ever. What has happened to the famous Queenly Loquacity?

Ah well - perhaps it is the antiquity of this blogger format - for Like The Queen was created long ago and doesn't have any of the easy features and clickable widgets that newer fancier formats offer. I'm on facebook where I can leave quick catch-up notices and easily post pictures - and there is another blog I'm cheating on keeping that has to do with weight issues and some other stuff. And of course summer is my busy time and this particular summer has been wickedly hot and dry (80% crop loss in the soy bean fields).

I have a real thought to creating a new Like The Queen blog that's easier to keep up. The back story here is that the original LTQ is so text heavy that it can't just be moved into a newer shinier RSS feed type of Blogger blog and honestly I'm not that enamored of the other blogging formats to want to learn all their buttons. Like switching from a Cannon camera to a Panasonic ... some steep learning curve for something so simple.

anyway - if I do bring out the Mach III version of LTQ I will surely let you know. And in the mean time - here's the quick and dirty rundown of what the summer's been like so far:


more 100 degree days in Virginia than ever before

Family picnic on 4th of July

Met a soulmate of an 8 year old who spent a week with us while we created these!

Found a darling little lost dog

Lost the darling little lost dog to a better owner (He just would not get along with Jack)

Bought the most fantabulous hat!

Planned a short vacation to Tangier Island ... I promise - there will be photos - we go in a few weeks!

oh - and yes


(heh heh ... dont you wish you had my job?)

So - that's the status of TheQueen. I just couldn't let this long silence last another day.

posted by Bess | 7:50 AM