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I used to buy Vogue several years ago when it was available in the bookshop locally. Now, sadly, it is no longer available here and there are only so many subcriptions one can reasonably be expected to get, so Vogue is now off my list. I liked it for its more cutting-edge designs, not that I often made anything from it, though! The sizes were often a little on the small size, unfortunately, although I believe that is improving now.

The designs you've showcased here are rather interesting, and eclectic! The jacket/cardi with the Hollow Oal Cable is rather smart but, like you, I'm not sure I would wear it. Nice, though.

By Blogger KathyR, at 6:30 PM  

Fall issues are the best! Must hunt down Vogue - it wasn't at the news stand on the ground floor of my building yesterday but maybe tomorrow! Love the asymmetrical cardi and would SO wear it to work.

By Anonymous diann, at 12:58 AM  

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Thursday, August 26, 2010  

Fall Knitting Magazine Season

Oh la! I found the Fall Vogue Knitting magazine in Walmart yesterday (remember I live in the sticks - that's our only store) and I knew it was really the end of summer. I was also very taken with the cover sweater - so much so that I bought the magazine without flipping through it. Fall issues are almost always the best issues of the year - when it comes to knitting magazines anyway, so I wasn't too concerned about getting a lemon. So. Just in case you haven't been to your local walmart or better knitting magazine location, here's my First Impressions Review of this issue.

First off - that cover sweater. Oh la it's gorgeous. It's a cabled cardigan in the most vivid blue you feel like you can reach your fingers in there and just scrunch it up. I don't usually think of deep royal blue as an autumn color but this cabled lovely with it's flipped up collar and raglan shaping with plenty of purl space between the clearly defined cables is perfect.

The text on the cover promises two new or newish knitting adventures. First is designs by Irina Shabayeva, of Project Runway - I saw that series and read about her in a previous magazine. I'm at least going to like seeing what she's come up with. Second is the promise of knee sock patterns. I've long wondered why there weren't more of them because the greater length gives so much more scope for design.

So let's flip the pages.

Lots of color right off the bat in the front page ads is always uplifting. On the table of contents there is a photo of opera length lace fingerless gloves - nicely designed with a familiar stitch pattern - looks like one of the Barbara Walker stitches, maybe with a tweak.

The Debbie Bliss ad that's opposite the editor's letter is absolutely lush - a zippered cardi with a glorious collar in something typically Debbie Bliss - lush, plush, I'm prompted to look up the yarn. GLEN it's called

Ahh - I didn't know - Vogueknitting LIVE! - I guess it's their answer to Stitches. This January. ALL your favorite designers and teachers ... Clara Parkes, Meg Swansen, Melissa Leapman Fiona Ellis, Nicky Epstein - dang - In January - in NYC - :( - too far away for me.

I often think the ads in the knitting magazines are better than the designs and woo la la - there's an ad for Bergere de France with a sweater I could so totally wear. It's a basic yoke sweater (easypeasy design) but there's this darling off center collar with a tie that so totally transforms this garment. Bummer. Can't find a photo on their website but I like a lot of other designs I found there - give it a peek.

Something I will complain about though this may be just my old age issue, is the typeface in their text. It's too pale. too grey. It's really difficult to read. The font is clear and it's spaced well enough apart: both the letters and the lines. But the ink is so pale. C'mon Vogue - spend a little more on the ink and make it easier to read. It's all interesting but I skim if my head begins to ache from eye strain.

I always enjoy the upfront news about new knitting books but heck. Wendy Johnson's book has been out forEver. I'd hardly call it a new book. Just sayin'. That's all. And while I don't need to read Meg Swansen's articles about the EPS sweater - I think it's good to reiterate that info because there are always new knitters coming along and they ought to have this basic knitting shape in their repertoire. Besides - I've always enjoyed Meg's writing style.

Nicky Epstein is also another designer who always intrigues - though I would not ever wear those ruffle spiraled gloves. Just wouldn't do it. I love me some embellishments but these didn't do it for me. Subjective comment here. and the news that she has ANOTHER book out there (the ad is on the opposite page from the pattern) will have me pulling out my plastic.

I also really liked Patons Lace ad just as an inspiration page. There's a nice long article about Kristin Nicholas, who's another favorite of mine - I can't wait to read it. outdoors. in bright sunlight. and a lengthy guide to knitting needles. I love to collect different needles, but I almost always just knit with Addi Lace. eh. some of us are just plain faithful.

Okay - enough about the front matter - let's get down to the patterns. Because this post is already long beyond most folk's endurance, I'll just tell you about the designs I like. I've already told you about #1 - the blue cardigan that I am still drooling over no need to say more about that

Next comes this colorwork hat - very nice and again in blues - colors I can't even wear. But this is so well done. I really love the variegated rib and the vine design.

This lace jacket looks to me like a Sleeves-in-your-Pi type jacket though it's basic shape is pentagonal instead of round. The technique for making it will be similar. I've been deep in the lace mode for about a year now and this design really tempts.

I was very intrigued by this asymmetrical cardi. I'm not quite sure it is for me, but I really like the way the designer conceived everything and of course - I am a sucker for the Hollow Oak Cable (of Flidas fame)

I really can see this sweater worn with a slim black wool skirt at a business meeting.

This cardi, otoh, is just cozy looking. I like the smocked detail. I like the mossy green variegated yarn. I like the collar and I like the hems on sleeves and sweater body. It's girly without being fussy.

This last sweater really floats my boat. I love the colors. (very Queen-ish) I totally love stranded colorwork anyway and the tiny dots in the upper body give the impression of texture without actually having to knit it in. I love the 3/4 length sleeves. I love the collar. I really love the set in sleeves. This is another Play-to-Work look I would adopt into my own wardrobe.

So. That's what TheQueen thinks about the 2010 Fall VogueKnitting magazine. Hope you enjoyed reading.

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