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Sunday, August 22, 2010  

End of the summer

The reunion has come and gone but it was a grand one. More than 70 people gathered at this quaint brick church

It was a gathering full of cousins

followed by water play

I always feel like summer is over when TheReunion has come and gone but there really are still a few weeks left of vacation time. This year I was determined to fulfill an ancient childhood dream to visit Tangier Island, VA. As far back as elementary school I was jealous of the children who's parents or Nana and Pop took them on the cruise to Virginia's smallest seaside village. You take the boat from Reedville, Onancock or Chrisfield to get there - or you may be lucky enough to have your own sailing craft and can get there on your own. We took the Chesapeake Breeze and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Tangier is a crabbing village - all the income comes off of the water, with crabs in the summer and oysters in the winter - or at least - that has been it's history for many years. It's a charming little place of egalitarian working folk with a strong community spirit ... they turned down Warner Brothers as the film location for the movie Message in a Bottle because they're a dry town and don't condone alcohol in any fashion.

In stead they're a town of narrow streets

A pretty white church

and crab shacks (dozens and dozens of crab shacks)

Oh yes - and beaches!! 2 miles of pristine sand beaches where I could go skinny dipping after dinner on Thursday. Honestly - this place was mine all mine and the water was delicious.

It's a grand place to sit and sketch and be quiet.

It's a place to walk and eat and sleep and walk some more. Here you're on Island Time and even though I was only there 2 days, I came home so rested. this is not fancy living, mind you, but quiet and slow and gentle and very friendly.

And now - now it's the last full week of August. Time to pull out yarn and think about winter knitting. Time to gear up for all the busy work that will be Fall 2010 - because my goodness I'm going to be busy. Work is crowding in on me like so many buzzing bees. Holiday festivities are just over the horizon and there is a BIRTHDAY MONTH coming in 8 days.

Hmmm. Now what do I want for my birthday .....

hugs to you all

posted by Bess | 8:06 AM