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Tuesday, August 10, 2010  

Not enough time? Let's look at that another way

So. On the day I post in my facebook status about how cramped for time I am, along comes this horoscope from MsHoroscope:

"Resources – time and money – are in focus as Venus, Pluto and Jupiter form a rare alignment. You may be feeling the pinch, in terms of your budget or your time. You have more resources than you realise, it’s simply a matter of prioritising - authentically – what to do with your money and your days. If you want financial security, trade time or skills for money. If you want more downtime, trade some income for better life balance. All the pieces are in front of you, you just need to find a new way to put them together. Today’s New Moon energises your hidden, resting zone. Give yourself some quiet uninterrupted space in which to put your analytical skills to work. "

It is true I am really rushed for time. There are a zillion things to do this week and I want to do each and every one. My work has suddenly become very busy and very interesting OR I have suddenly become very inspired to find interesting productive things to do to get me someplace I want to be. oh . Uh. Red Flags flapping and Whistles blowing?

I've been reading James Arthur Ray's book Harmonic Wealth and in it he says that it's not about the goal, it's about becoming a person who can reach the goal - which feels very good to me. He also says that to have a bigger anything, be it life, salary, job, circle of friends, you have to become a bigger person. Not a better person, mind you, just a bigger one.

I'm all about books that help you go places - starting with Julie Morgenstern's organizational advice

to the Hicks' books on the Law of Attraction

to Rick Warren's "The Purpose Driven Life"

And of course Martha Beck and her 4-day Win and Steering by Starlight books

And one thing all of them tell us is that when you ask for more and get it - things don't end there. We're not in a race to the finish - be it a dream house or a top job or a perfect weight. We are ever expanding beings growing into the person who can live the life we are creating.

The only reason I'm so busy is because I have thought of a better library than the one we have and to create it I have to manage lots more things. The only reason I'm so busy is because I really want a close loving relationship, not just with my aging parents, but with the sister who lived so far away for so many years, and is now close again and doing an enormous lot of work to ease my parents final years. The only reason I'm so busy is because I want to take that trip with Himself next week AND spend Friday with my cousin getting things ready for the huge family reunion on Saturday.

It really is about priorities. For every advantage brings responsibilities. Not a price, mind you - but just added items. And the way to enjoy the advantage is to believe it will work out. To believe that every problem that arises comes with it's solution - or solutionS and that is where the real reward is. Not in achieving the better job or the bigger salary or even the smaller weight - but in becoming the person who has More Solutions to Life's Issues.

I'm reminded of a day in January 2009 when I came to work to find our library's internet access completely shut down. The problem was convoluted and the solutionS were myriad, diverse, weird and amazing. And we implemented every one of them in a single 8 hour work day, changing our domain name, our internet provider, our method of connection, getting help from 3 institutions not even connected with the library and the following day we had internet access. The whole day I felt like I was riding on some light beam across the universe, picking answers out of thin air. I was in the zone. I was on my game. It wasn't even that I had to get it all done in a single day. I just knew we weren't going to fail and we didn't. We did better than that. We solved it all in a day.

Sorta makes me wonder how much time I actually fritter away NOT riding on a light beam and plucking answers out of the air.

The good thing about a day like that January Monday is that it proves to me that I can go light beam riding. I can have miracle days where everything happens. I just have to keep my consciousness on the happening, the doing, instead of the troubles and difficulties. They ALWAYS look bigger than they are and the answers are always closer than I had imagined.

posted by Bess | 11:49 AM