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LOL! I too have been stash diving as the temps here dip, and fall is definitely in the air. The vest looks gorgeous and I love that you're making it for yourself. I have found more things to make for myself this fall too, but have prior commitments...With knitting, it's so easy to bite off more than one can chew!

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Saturday, August 28, 2010  

Stash Diving

I knew it was there somewhere - thank goodness not in the bins in the attic, since the sweet cool dry weather that flirted with us all this week has departed till some more auspcious day in the future. It's sticky and humid and it is going to get hot again.

Happily I am still in the startitis mode of New Fall Sweaters and, having worked the math for the shawl collared vest, [k3(these are steek stitches), P,Kb,P,K6,P,Kb,P,*Kb,P 28 times,Kb,P,Kb,P,K6,P,Kb,P,*Kb,P 28 times,Kb,P,Kb,P,K6,P,Kb,P,K4(these are steek stitches)] cast on and knit a few rounds, I began wondering if there was enough of this stuff. It is from an amazing yarn shopping coup I made at Stitches 2008 where I bought more yarn than should be legal ...only I did. I checked with the booth owner

and she said it was okay. Obviously brown through tan and orange are not popular colors in her neck of the woods. Their loss, my gain.

But I knew I'd bought an awful lot of alpaca in that haul ($15 for all you could cram into a bag) but I couldn't remember the details.




There's enough. In fact .... I am thinking ...... This could becocme a shawl collared cardigan. What do you think?

posted by Bess | 11:35 AM