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Saturday, August 07, 2010  

A month without a post?!?

This is the worst ever. What has happened to the famous Queenly Loquacity?

Ah well - perhaps it is the antiquity of this blogger format - for Like The Queen was created long ago and doesn't have any of the easy features and clickable widgets that newer fancier formats offer. I'm on facebook where I can leave quick catch-up notices and easily post pictures - and there is another blog I'm cheating on keeping that has to do with weight issues and some other stuff. And of course summer is my busy time and this particular summer has been wickedly hot and dry (80% crop loss in the soy bean fields).

I have a real thought to creating a new Like The Queen blog that's easier to keep up. The back story here is that the original LTQ is so text heavy that it can't just be moved into a newer shinier RSS feed type of Blogger blog and honestly I'm not that enamored of the other blogging formats to want to learn all their buttons. Like switching from a Cannon camera to a Panasonic ... some steep learning curve for something so simple.

anyway - if I do bring out the Mach III version of LTQ I will surely let you know. And in the mean time - here's the quick and dirty rundown of what the summer's been like so far:


more 100 degree days in Virginia than ever before

Family picnic on 4th of July

Met a soulmate of an 8 year old who spent a week with us while we created these!

Found a darling little lost dog

Lost the darling little lost dog to a better owner (He just would not get along with Jack)

Bought the most fantabulous hat!

Planned a short vacation to Tangier Island ... I promise - there will be photos - we go in a few weeks!

oh - and yes


(heh heh ... dont you wish you had my job?)

So - that's the status of TheQueen. I just couldn't let this long silence last another day.

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