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Treasures untold, indeed, to unearth! What fun you will have looking and planning and dreaming. But, ahhh, who could not recall the lovely Flidas - so sad that it has been mislaid for so long. So much work, so much angst over it's design creation, all gone. Sad. But so much fun that there will be others to come and fill the gap.

By Blogger KathyR, at 6:22 PM  

Haven't seen the issue yet, but as to the cover sweater, IMO that collar is a Why On Earth? The body is all nicely relaxed and cable-y, trim and elegant, and then that little limp collar that probably had to be wrestled into non-curling submission for that photo? I am Offended - waste of a lovely classic sweater. If I am ever moved to make it, I'd pass on that little limp collar.

By Blogger Catherine, at 6:38 PM  

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010  

That Knit-a-Sweater feeling

Yup. I'm getting that feeling again - time to cast something that has long sleeves on to size 7 needles. It's been too hot to even look into my stash but the weather dot com guys are promising me 85 degree days and 60 degree nights - I can open up the treasure chests on Saturday and start doing some serious planning. Photos will be shared.

But just from what's in my memory database (I know, I ought to create a yarn database but I am entirely too lazy) I know there is:

Heavy worsted weight camel colored alpaca - a cabled cardigan with pockets ?

Light worsted weight JoJoLand handpaint - a whole bag of it

Worsted weight gold tweed to replace Flidas (remember that old beloved lost treasure from 2003??)

That bag of brick colored merino I bought to knit Bricka the Aran -

this is the sweater that taught me that I hate to make intricate cables - not because they are hard but because I find them boring. I doubt I'll ever make that sweater... I could rip it and cast on anew.... something a little friendlier

Then there is the Shellridge Cardigan I bought at MS&W 2009!!!! It sits beside the television in it's clear zippered bag, the glowing colors mocking my laziness.

Well - that is about enough yarn to fill one large 20 gallon tub and since I know I have 4 of them full of delicious things - just imagine the treasures I'll unearth. I believe I will have a photo heavy post in a few days.

In the mean time - Happy Hump Day to you. Get outdoors and enjoy this gorgeous weather.

posted by Bess | 7:26 AM