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Friday, September 03, 2010  


Friends and acquaintances of TheQueen know that I knit almost exclusively on circular needles. I have a small collection of double point needles around 8" long which I don't mind slipping into a pocket to take to a fiber festival, but I have gotten rid of all the long straight needles of yester-year. The only reason I would own straights would be for artistic purposes - since there are some very beautiful art-object knitting needles out there - of glass, of beautifully colored metals, of polished woods. I also own a blown glass spindle. It's very pretty - I'm too scared to use it even over a queen sized mattress. It's for admiring - not touching.

When it comes to knitting, though, I am a CRCULR-Grrrl and even with circular needles I am very very picky. At the moment I will tell you there is nothing I'd rather have than another Addi Lace needle, 40" long in pretty much any size between 3 and 9. Of course there are still times when the blunt tip of an Addi Turbo is what's called for and I am fond also, of the KnitPicks needles. In all cases, the smooth and perfect join is the first reason I prefer these needles and after that it's the supple cables that win me over.

But though I have my current favorites, that doesn't mean I am not willing to give something else a try. I have a beautiful rosewood circular (size 7) that has the sweetest long smooth tapered tips - though it's join is not quite up to my standards and I have a lovely ebony circular with equally delicious tips but a downright lumpy join. The rosewood was a gift from LD so it carries extra good juju with it and the ebony needle has a very lovely texture. Both of them have rather thick cables that took a little getting used to.

Recently, though, I stumbled upon something new - to me, at least.

I haven't been able to find out much about these needles. They're not listed in the Fall 2010 Vogue Knitting article about knitting needles. I've only found a few on-line sources for them. But I have bookmarked that $15 set of 40" circs and plan to send it to Someone who might be wondering what to buy me for my birthday....

Because I love these needles. The wooden tips are smooth and warm and pleasant to hold. The cable is the most supple thick cable I've ever worked with ... really as pliant as a KnitPicks cable, and the joins are perfection. The tips are blunt but not dull, with enough taper to keep a stitch from sliding off too soon. And it's very very cheap. This needle is about 28" long. It cost me retail $5.99.

I'm using this needle to knit my shawl collared vest (that might get sleeves) and thoroughly enjoying the knitting process. Yes. I know. Some folk won't like it because they're made in china. Well. That is a political decision and this is not a political blog. As Meg Swansen says, "Knitters Choice".

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