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Yet another 'Been There, Done That' post! I have, right at this moment, all the pieces to the Braided Pullover from IK sitting waiting to be sewn together and the neckband completed. How long has it been like this? For only about four months! I could really have done with this jersey over the winter we've just had, too.

I won't tell you how long it had been sitting prior to this, waiting for me to make a decision and complete the top of the sleeves. Yup, you could say I have a problem finishing some things, too!

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Sunday, September 19, 2010  

Lack of Knitting Progress

I find it odd that I will start a project, knit away on it like a fiend, get almost done and then come to a crashing halt. It isn't strange to me if I know I've skimped on the KnittingMath and am making something for a smaller, slimmer version of myself. Waiting for that splendid day when I am the size I want to be - the size that fits the garment I've knitted. Sure. That makes sense. But to just crash to a halt on something that's almost done and will be exactly what it should be is a little puzzling. It reminds me of all the homework I didn't do as a child. I could do the homework. It was neither hard nor even onerous. Often it was fun. But it was required. I had to do it. I believe that, for the ENFPers out there -those of us who really get no glory from completion - crashing into those last 6 inches of knitting is a constant and ubiquitous danger.

I did get the heel done on the green lace sock that is due by Friday - you will see it at Rhinebeck if you go there - a sample sock for Spirit Trail Fiberworks. but I don't have photos. Yet. I promise one will show up before the week is out.

Birthday gifts have begun showing up in the mailbox. The package from Schoolhouse Press that was delivered on Saturday has to be from LD because it was addressed to Bess Haile and when I have to use my own credit card I have to use my given name by which I am known to the IRS. Nicknames are always such a conundrum because they are nearly always who we think we are, who all our friends think we are and yet - they are never on any official documents to prove that we actually are who we think we are.

Ahh well. Obviously when I get down to nattering about nicknames it is obvious I have nothing valuable to say. And since I have no knitting progress photos to make today's post interesting I would do better to go knit instead of write. Or vacuum. Yes. That is probably more necessary than even lace sock knitting. But there will be Finished Objects to display within the week. Till then - how about a cute kid taking a whack at it photo

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