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Wednesday, September 01, 2010  


And it brings me this:

We are the third little yellow river up the left side of the Chesapeake Bay. Will we get wind? Rain? Wash? Downed trees? Power outages? Well, I hope we get the first 2 and I hope the empty ocean gets the last 3. hmm. well. I guess the empty ocean can't get either, so let us think only of better things. Let us think we get Friday off but don't lose power.

I am prepared though - with lanterns and jugs of water and canned food and knitting. Here is a progress shot of the Shawl Collared Vest.

Pretty? and soft? oh la! it is softsoftsoft! and at this point, surprisingly light. I am using a new needle I bought at a brand new craft store in Warsaw (little town across the river from us). I lost the label and keep forgetting to call the owner to find out what it is but I will be over there tomorrow night and I'll find out. It's a wooden circular with a thick cable that is very supple. The join meets my Addi-Turbo-fed exacting standards of smoothness. The price is very, very low - I'll track the info down tomorrow and share.

Yup. Looks like a tad over 5.5 inches as I start the 6th cable.

So - happy birthday month to you too. and Happy Hump day too!

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