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Cotton - not my favourite fibre to knit with by any means. I don't mind wearing it in summer, though. Your design certainly looks interesting - very reminiscent, as you say, of an Egyptian collar. I'll look forward to seeing your progress!

By Blogger KathyR, at 6:14 PM  

Yay! You're back! xxoo

By Blogger Jennifer, at 12:32 PM  

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Monday, May 03, 2010  

This IS a knitting blog

And I am a knitter. Just not a very chatty one these days. As proof of what's going on in the Life O'th Queen, here is a photo of cotton yarn that I indulged in as a sort of last fling at trying cotton knitting. I have dreams of a hand knit cotton cap sleeved top - like I had dreams of one in a rayon ribbon a year ago. I simply hate that rayon ribbon and it will become a gift to someone soon. But the geometry of the top is one I truly love.

You get the idea, and if you knit EPS sweaters you see it's nothing but the yoke sweater sans sleeves. But done with colorwork of some sort around the yoke I think it has an Egyptian collar look to it and in fact I've been inspired by this:

So when Elann dot com had a sale on their cotton yarn I thought .... well... why not give it one last try.

I like the colors - they look so much like the ones in the necklace.

I'm not feeling the love though, of that yarn. Not that it is bad cotton yarn. It's just that it IS cotton yarn. To get the gauge, which is supposed to be 5.5 to the inch, I have to use a #2 needle. Feels mighty strange to be knitting such a thick yarn on such tiny needles. I've put a garter stitch band around the bottom and it is tediously slow to knit. I hope the straight stockinette stitch will go a tad bit faster .... or even a whole lot faster. But I don't like the fabric I get knitting it up at any looser gauge.

The sad news is that I cast on for a 40 inch sweater, forgetting how little stretch I'm going to get from this yarn. ALL the snap back and give will be in the geometry of a stitch - zero in the fiber itself. I am going to have to rip out everything I've done and cast-on fewer stitches because this thing is going to be too big otherwise. Flaring flapping loose knitting will not look good in a cap sleeved top like the one I've sketched above. I don't want it too tight either, mind - but definitely not too loose. Baggy is never beautiful on me.

So to the frog pond I go.

In the den, though, was a rather pretty round hatbox that had sat all winter on a little stool.
I had to peek inside, and here's what I found.

Ooo la la - more wooly goodness. Those 3 hanging over the edge were a gift and the yarn is something nice and wooly by Classic Elite. It just cries out to be stranded colorwork.

So. That is the State-0-TheQueen who did not get to go to MS&W this year. She was on parent dooty while her hard working sister took a well deserved break. I will go next year.

posted by Bess | 7:20 AM