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So many choices coming up for the collar portion! I have next to no experience with cotton to help with the advice - just some suggestions (don't you love that!). You've probably already thought of them all, anyway, I'm sure - intarsia (could be awfully frustrating depending on how many sections of colour there were); bohus-style using the odd purl stitch in with the stockinette; mosaic stitch (but this may be heavy, too); working the collar sideways (using lots of short rows, I guess) and knitting it on to the body a la EZ.

My best advice, though, one which I'm know you know - sample, sample, sample! And have fun!

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Saturday, May 29, 2010  

3 Days of Vacation Left

And I plan to make full use of them. It's been a busy active happy time with a ramble around the Northern Neck, some yarn shopping therapy, a Day at the Beach (woo woo), a day with my parents and some at home time. BD and I are reading ... well, he is reading, I am listening, the ancient potboiler Clan of the Cave Bears - yes - I skipped the whole saga when it came out - I'd just read too many saga novels at the time and I've never gotten around to it since. He reads. I knit. Good combo there. When he isn't reading, we like to work crossword puzzles together. It can keep us up in the big bed with dogs for hours and hours.

On the knitting front there is just More Brown Stockinette - so nothing to show yet. Oh - some short rows and a little extra shaping but it's still all brown. I promise - I'm only a few rounds away from color knitting and then there will be photos.

What is still up in the air is how I'll handle the colorwork. I can do stranded colorwork and have even charted out some ideas.

But - and it's a big but....

I'm not sure if I want to do stranded work with cotton yarn. I'm concerned it will be too heavy when I'm done, with those extra layers of yarn in the back. I'm also a little concerned the carried colors will show through on the other side.

I don't have to do a pattern. Stripes will work. I just... I guess I'm just always going to do fancy before plain.

Then there is the question - if I do just plain stripes - will I make them garter stitch like the hem or stockinette like the sweater body.

Ah well - we'll know soon enough. I don't have enough experience with cotton knitting to be able to tell ahead of time but I certainly have strong enough opinions once I see what I'm creating. We'll start fancy and back into plain knitting and see where we end up. I'm going to try to get it all finished by a week from Tuesday. That's my knitting group day and I'd love to show off a Finished Object and I would like to feel free to cast on something new.

So. That's where things are at TheCastle today - with 3 more days of vacation up ahead.

Hug a veteran today if you can.

posted by Bess | 8:50 AM