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Monday, March 29, 2010

Yup. A very grey rainy Monday here - the sort of day that would make staying in bed till 10 o'clock such a treat. In fact - if it weren't this particular Monday I would call in asleep. But it is this particular Monday and it's going to be a truly fun day at work. We're getting a lesson from the website guru on how to make our library website Good and Fun and Better and Workable. I've been waiting a month for this day and would get there even if all this rain were snow!

There has been knitting sighted at TheCastle. I'm at the tip of the traingle with my border stitches.
The instructions are a little different from what they usually are when corners ane tips and points are involved. Usually they'll say DJ or TJ for double join or tripple join - which makes perfectly good sense to me. With this shawl they say to ... bah. don't have the book right here - but it has something to do with every other even row do something and ... well. really ...

I have posted a cry for help on Ravelry's Victorian Lace Today group so let us hope someone responds. Otherwise I am going to just wing it. The edging is a double six repeat (12 rows butyou join only the even rows to the shawl edge) and there are 3 stitches at the tip so I may just do what looks logical and forget the instructions.

Real photos will come when I've finished this thing. I have, it seems, at last memorized the pattern so this other side of the triangle ought to go a little faster.

And now it is Monday and I must hustle to get ready for work.

posted by Bess | 7:35 AM