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Good to see you back -- was thinking Facebook was your only communication medium these days! LOL!

Beautiful work on those shawls, Dear Heart! I'm drooling!


P.S. Is Doggie staying close to home now?!

By Blogger Margaret, at 10:22 AM  

Indeed, it is good to see you back! Mind you, your blog has not been neglected nearly as long as mine has. I have so much to say and then so much I will choose not to say - but mostly no desire to say anything at all!

I love your work on the shawls - beautiful! I did think you would have shown your progress on the lovely cashmere one, though. Maybe another time?

By Blogger KathyR, at 5:41 PM  

And here I've been missing even more of your wonderful writing!

Plus another knitting book to check out. And I need another knitting book like a hole in the head, not to mention I haven't been knitting lately. I really ought to finish those wrist warmers . . .

By Anonymous Judy, at 8:15 AM  

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Saturday, March 20, 2010  

Return from the deep

Deep winter, that is. I can't believe I let the entire month of February and most of March drift by without stopping in even once, but that is what I did. Evidently the snowy winter of 2010 shut me down rather deeper than I would have expected. There has been knitting, though - so I shall celebrate the First Day of Spring with some Proof of Knitting photos.

This is the cover shawl from Victorian Lace Today, done in KnitPicks lace weight merino. This was my first attempt at a large lace project with a knitted on lace border. The shawl knit up fairly quickly - maybe took a month of my desultory knitting - but the edging took quite a bit longer. Not because it was difficult - it was surprisingly easy - but because there were forty million miles of it to knit. And Christmas Knitting interrupted everything for about a month. And of course, November was the pits in my life.

I loved everything about this shawl except grafting the edge of it together ... the very last thing I did. By this time I was more interested in finishing it than in making it perfect, so the seam is ... how shall I describe it ... it is rough. It is also insignifigant so I blocked it, admired it, folded it and put it away. It is intended as a gift - at some future date.

Then came that wonderful moment when I could legitamately start a New Project! And there I was stumped. Nothing I started worked out right. The yarn fought me, the pattern threw me, I didn't have size 4 needles - or at least, I couldn't find any . There was a good week of fruitless snow bound knitting done before I settled on another VLT project: The Shoulder Shawl

The body of this shawl was an even swifter knit with even more miles of edging to attach. This is a trickier edging though - what is called "Real" lace because there are stitch manipulations on both the knit and purl side. I've completed 10 repeats and I still haven't learned the pattern - but I bet I will before I'm done.

And so. The First Day of Spring marks the Return of TheQueen. I am also blogging about my glacially slow weightloss efforts over on Spark People so if you are ever curious about what else I am doing, you can read there.

Welcome Spring!

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