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Your day, indeed your week to come, sounds rather the opposite to mine, as does your body! I am totally inflexible as well as very unco-ordinated! I probably would benefit from yoga or tai-chi but don't have the patience at the moment. One day, maybe.

Enjoy your relaxing week - it sounds marvellous!

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Monday, March 22, 2010  

Halcyon Days

Isn't it funny how you never know how strung out you have been till you are suddenly released from the mental bonds that had been tugging on you. I had one of those days yesterday - a day of utter and blissful calm. There was nothing my lizard brain was telling me I had to do - and I would not have listened to him anyway. All essential chores had been done on Saturday, BD was happily playing with his new boat and the day was mine, all mine.

In February, when I was suddenly barred from exercise of the calisthenic sort, I finally succumbed to the lure and allure of yoga. Yoga has been whispering to me for over 30 years, ever since Himself bought a Hatha yoga book and tried to do sun salutations. There was something so foreign and so antipathal to TheQueen about that book that even watching BD try to perform them made me uncomfortable. Fast forward 3 decades and yoga has been both feminized and westernized enough (think pastel yoga costumes from Gaiam dot com) to make me feel more welcome. Now it was just finding the time since I had lots of yoga videos in the library and there is a class offered in town. That last was too advanced for such a rank beginner, especially of the hyper flexible type, like me, but the Yoga for Beginners really meant what it promised - and I spent a week poking through it. Short end of a long story - I am now a yoga convert. The transformation was almost instantaneous and the results have been amazing. Balance, calm, focus, and strength all in some fairly low stress movements. I have pulled a hamstring because I really am hyper hyper flexible. I could still put my foot behind my head only it looks disgusting so I quit doing it some years ago. as the yoga instructor said "ahh 40 ways to do it wrong"

So, after a leisurely morning with a favorite breakfast in bed, some gentle chat with Himself, lots of dog lovin' and the relaxing pleasure of Not having to have a fire in the stove, I spent a blissful hour on my yoga mat. I have recently managed the easy version of Tree Pose. I can actually pull my heel into my groin but I can't lift it that high yet. So I balance my foot on the inside calf of my other leg and oh my .. what a thrill.

One of the things that always turned me off about yoga books and magazines was the stupid smile on the faces of people standing or bending in the most contorted positions. Imagine my surprise, one day, when I finally stood in some position or another - each part of my body balanced on top of it's supporting part and suddenly my whole face relaxed and then spread into a softened smile. I am sure to a non-yoga observer I would have looked bizarre but I understood then that A. we go around all the time unbalanced and in cramped posture and B. when everything is Just Right one can't help but smile. It is the natural position of the face! wow.

So. There was yoga yesterday and then there was a walk with the dogs to photograph the Daffodil Walk (viewable on facebook) so that next fall I will know where I need to plant more bulbs ... and I know what I will ask for for my birthday too. And there was fiber play. I ripped out a hat that I hate .... to get at the yarn I want to use when I have mastered that Brioche stitch ... and there was lace knitting. I was happy to discover that I'm almost at the apex ... the half way point ... of the lace edging. Maybe this thing won't take so long after all. and Pride & Prejudice on the video. And luscious shepherd's pie for dinner.

The only thing missing was wheat dolphins and it's really too early for them. They won't come along till mid April when the wheat is taller.

And the week? this week there is absolutely nothing on my desk that I don't want to do. It should be a blissful happy week. I think, if anything un-blissful comes along, I will just put it in a box and save it for A Different Week. In 2049.


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