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THAT is a really fantastic squirrel picture! And yes, I am such a geek I get excited by animal photography.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010  

Where has she beeeeen?

Well - mostly I've been on Spark People dot com working hard to turn this fluffy flappy fifty seven year old body into something that takes up less space. Long time readers know that some years ago I took of substantial weight using Weight Watchers. Alas, over the past 7 years a good bit of it has come back to live at my house - on my body. And while I think there is much that is good about WW - in my particular situation there seemed to be too much emphasis on how to fit cookies and chocolate in and not enough on how to fit nutrition in. This is not WW's falt but more my response to the stimuli I as getting. My perception. I needed a switch and C tipped me off to Spark People which had the right mix of discipline and flexibility I was looking for ... and it is FREE!!!

And I can ignore all the advertisers - after all - I use google and hotmail and weather dot com and who has more creepy adds than them?

There's a blog feature on Spark People and that's where I'm doing most of my daily posting just in case you've missed me.

But I have also been knitting and doing other things besides workin' my butt off ... soon I hope!

Here are some pictures:

do you remember late last summer when Clara Parkes reviewed a mink yarn? Did you succumb? I did. And I finally cast something on. Needing a mindless knitting project and wanting to know what this stuff was like I started an easy lacy garter/seed stitch scarf.

I may not have enough to knit a full fashion length scarf but it will be long enough to wrap around my neck and fold across my chest beneath a coat. It's a lot like knitting cashmere or other non-crimpy fibers. It also has a lovely fuzzy halo.

And here is the almost finished Melon Shawl from Victorian Lace Today. Talk about "hearting" a project. I love this shawl.

This is turning out to be the coldest winter we've ever had - this is our third snowfall!! I have feeders around the edge of the yard too for the shy types, but this window feeder, a Christmas gift from BD a few years ago, hosts daily entertainment from these fellows and the little white throated sparrows.

So you see - TheQueen is alive and well even if she's somewhat silent.

Happy New Year to you all!

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