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That scarf is lovely, and it's really neat about the fiber.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010  

First FO of 2010

I finished that lovely cashmere/mink scarf last night. I didn't block it because I'm not sure it needs to be blocked. I had pre-washed the yarn because it came with a fairly heavy coating of the oil used in spinning and I wanted to get a real feel for the texture and gauge it would knit at. I used #7 needles and did a simple seed stitch lace pattern, multiplied over 6 stitches. It hangs flat and has the loveliest halo to it. It's the natural color which is a sort of warm taupe - not a favorite of mine but it will be very nice as a gift to a friend who owns only neutral colors in cool tones and who has a birthday in about 2 weeks. Now that I know how nice this yarn is and how far one skein will go, AND now that Great Northern Yarns makes it in colors, I will buy some more for me.

I can hear the gasps of indignation even as I type this and am wondering if I ought to make a blog post about this at all. I'm not really interested in being controversal and I don't really have to Tell All about the Life-0-TheQueen. But this is my blog and it's my knitting blog and this is a knitting project - a finished knitting project. and then I remind myself that very few people are reading this anyway.

The website, and Clara Parkes of Knitters Review, who talked at length with the owner, assure me that the animals are sheered, not killed. Till I hear further I am going to act on faith and continue to enjoy this simply marvelous yarn. And that is as far as I intend to step into the debate about man's place in the chain of life.

So what is next on the knitting agenda? I am not sure. I still have about 6 inches of knitted on border to apply to that lovely Melon Shawl and of course there is my cashmere project, lying abandoned, mostly because I can't find the sketches of the lace edging patterns and I don't remember which stitch combinations I used and am way too lazy to work my way backwards with book and project. I have some lovely alpaca lace that will be a shawl for me and some lovely other lace yarns that will be lacy projects for Other People. They are not Bess Colors.

And my precious PABDOS gave me a skein of delicious Madil Kid Seta ... distributed by Cascade as their version of kid silk haze - in the loveliest spring green - as part of a knitting mama's Christmas present. I am so enamored I've decided to order several more skeins and make a lacy cardigan of it. Evidently 2010 is the year of YO's for TheQueen. I can think of nothing but lace opportunities. That may be my next real project.

Yesterday was one of those glorious warm sunshiny days that January throws us as a sop to the otherwise long slog of winter. Here are some very pretty pictures that make me wonder if the reflection is better than reality.

or maybe not. Blogger doesn't seem to want to open up the photo loading link. Ah well. I shall post them later, then.

It's back to werkwerkwerk now. Long week stuffed into a few days.


posted by Bess | 7:15 AM