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Sunday, December 06, 2009  

Pneumonia weather

After long silence, to borrow a literary phrase, I feel almost embarrassed to come back and post anything. But that is only when I think of this as a public place. If there is still any public out there wondering, I apologize for my long absence. As for the private space of this blog ahh well - here is a bit of an update on the Life-0-Bess.

After a splendifferous Thanksgiving holiday with a party every night, with precious guests, with constant cooking, eating, cork popping and drinking, TheCastle suddenly emptied out on Sunday morning and BD & I were left with silence and a sort of tiredness that surprised us. "Let's go for a ramble" the wise consort suggested and with cruise control set at 25 mph, we puttered around the back roads up at our end of the county and across into Caroline. I was utterly amazed at the difference in stamina between TheQueen of even 5 years ago and the 2009 version. (not to mention TheQueen of the 1980's - when she hosted weekend guests for 26 weeks in a row!)

We were tired. And maybe a little stupid with all the emotional upheavals of the past 2 months. Monday dawned gloomy and rainy and a slight sore throat began to prick me at lunch. By the end of the day I knew I'd be staying home on Tuesday - which was gloriously blue and fresh. Wed brought even more torrential rains while Thursday gave us shirt-sleeve temperatures. Friday started out sunny only to decay into More Rain which turned to snow on Saturday. The old folk around here call this Pneumonia Weather and though I've kept serious chest issues at bay - both BD and I are still coughing descretly.

The constant and often torrential rains have been the big surprise. I'm glad we aren't going into 2010 with a drought, but obviously - no crops are going to grow in those fields.

(should have been a picture here - huh - can't load it)

Today dawned bright and sunny, belying the ice on the road last night (when I was on my way to a Christmas party. No. I turned around and came home, calling in regrets. I had no desire to spend Saturday night in a ditch.) There was morning sunshine to dry the laundry and it was still nice out when BD and I took a stroll out to Robert's Landing - to have a look at the river in winter. It's a spare kind of beauty I particularly love.

(should have been a picture here - huh - can't load it)

There used to be a large white pine out here that dropped the prettiest cones. I would collect them for Christmas decorations. Alas, it went down in 2003 during Hurricane Isabelle.

Knitting? Fiber? you want to know about my knitterly activities? Silly me.

or rather

Silly you. It's Christmastime and I am doing gift knitting - so I am not posting photos. My fabulous cashmere shawl is waiting for January. My Other Secret Lace project coming along nicely but it will be a gift and I'm not posting photos of it till it's given. There are socks - and I am thinking there will be a hat. And I will photograph them all before they're wrapped up and put beneath someone's tree.

But since it is impossible for this Queen of ENFPs to live completely in the present, Future Projects are making noises, claiming my imagination and even a bit, my attention. I do want one sweater finished this winter. There is a Happy Yarn sweater I'd like to knit - and the Shelridge Farm Cardigan I plunked down bow coo bucks for last spring. There are some very lovely lace yarns that would like to be knit into More Shawls from Victorian Lace Today.

And I promise that these knitted projects will be well photographed and shared lavishly. That is - if blogger will let me load them.

This week I am less tired, more ready to give quality time to my job, and even more in the mood for Christmas. I have a lavish holiday this year, from the 24th through the 3rd and I intend to enjoy every moment of it. Already making plans to get up with friends, baking holiday goodies and working on another Christmas card. So - TheQueen is in a good place and hopes each of her three readers is too.

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