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Thursday, December 31, 2009  


I'm working on my Let-It-Go list today ... much shorter than the Gratitude List I sort of composed in my head yesterday. Today, on this once in a blue moon ecliptical day, I'm thinking of things I would like to flush out of my life. There aren't too many of them, but they trip me up and keep me from doing the things I want to do – and doing the things I might want to do when I think of them.

And what would TheQueen like to let go of this year?

1. Unhealthful food - in unhealthful proportions
2. My sedentary body and it's accompanying aches
3. Grumbling while doing housework
4. Multi-tasking and it's evil twin
5. Auto-piloting
6. The mother of #4 & 5 ... Frittering away my time slash Procrastinating

So. Hmm. Well. That's a bigger list than I thought. In fact – if I were to really let all those things go out of my life – why – I'd be just about perfect.

Still and all – these are the things I want out of my life, in no particular order. I am not going to talk about whether a person can let go of these self defeating traits or if resolutions towards that end are good, because they spur you even if only for a little while, or bad, because if you stop trying you feel like a looser, or indifferent because ... what difference does it make anyway? I'm just stating that I would like these things to flow away from me and go live somewhere else – preferably at the bottom of the ocean.

What I will say is that just thinking about these defeatist behaviors flowing away from me makes me feel lighter, cleaner, somehow.

Other than that .... well ... I'll think about the rest of this tomorrow – at Tara. In the mean time, here is the last bit of Christmas Sparkle from my house to yours

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