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That braid is such a nice-looking detail. Even with the competing colors nearby, it will still give a polished effect. And it's very pretty in the colors you used.

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009  

Promised Stash Photos

Okay - today blogger played nicely with my computer and here are shots of what came home with me from Williamsburg and the wonderful shop Knitting Sisters.

Good yarn shops are not so rare now as they once were, but this is one of my favorites. Besides having lovely things to sell you, the staff is really really welcoming. They just make you feel like you're one of their sisters ... or brothers, as the case may be. Anyway, here is my haul -

The Berroco (familiar label and blue yarn on the lower right) is alpaca and will be matched with the Crystal Palace Mochi Plus in coordinating pinks and blues to make a hat. Ditto the olive green Lambs Pride and coordinating Mochi Plus - dimly seen on the needles and already in progress.

the Prism Custom Dyed Mohair didn't show off so nicely in the photo - dim morning light - but it will be Something Lacy but maybe not a shawl. There's over 900 yards in that skein and it could become a sort of lacy bed jacket with ruffly elbow length sleeves. Maybe. We'll have to wait and see.

Below is some overkill knitting. This is that twisted braid stitch where you knit a row in alternating colors - you know *K1 in MC, K1 in CC repeat from asterisk. Then you purl the next two rows in the same P1/P1 repeat but you twist the two colors from right to left with every stitch - then do a final purl row twisting the colors back again from left to right.

I think it's extraordinarily pretty BUT ... would show off more in more vividly contrasting colors. to follow it up right away with the multi mochi plus diminishes the effect. eh. It's done now. I just wanted to know how it was done and ... now I do.

Oh, and the blue Hefty bag? That's the Melon Stitch Shawl waiting patiently for me to finish the last long run down the side with the knitted on border.

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