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Sunday, October 25, 2009  

Where have she been?

Thank you my friends, for the compliments. Honest and true, this is an EASY -no - an E A S Y pattern. And I'm pleased to say I've rounded the first corner (my first knitted on edging corner) and am heading to the next one - should get there today. Photos in the next posting.

But where have I been? ahh well. I have been playing on SparkPeople's website. Sent there by my friend Bossy Little Dog's bossed around C, after she heard me whine and complain about how fat I'd gotten over the past few years. And I have been sucked into the vortex. And they have a weight loss blog feature where, as you have learned to expect from MsLoquacity, I have been pouring my heart out about fat grams and that other kind of fiber we all know about and oh this and that. And alas, there is really time only to make one long loquatious post a day in most people's lives, so I have neglected TheCastle dreadfully.

In order to fill up the empty roomsof TheCastle, I will offer up my SparkPeople blog post of today, so, unless you're interested in that part of my life - not much point in reading further. Just know, I will photograph the thrilling blue lace corner today and post it tomorrow.


Goals goals goals

I have had the worst time coming up with goals for myself – with health and fitness and body and weight and dress size goals, that is. Oh – it is easy to say I want to be fit, I want to feel better, be stronger, look better - even that I want to get off blood pressure medicines. But what does that actually mean? Where is the measurable objective I need to get where I'm going. (ha! can you tell I work for the government?) And, can I even get there? I might be at my optimum weight and still need blood pressure medicines.

For that matter, how will I know what my optimum weight is?

Mind now, I am a classic ENFP on the Myers Briggs scale. For me it's the journey, not the destination. But worse than the fact that I never seem to have any goals is how easy it is to stray off the path on any given journey because the classic motto of an ENFP is “Hey! Look! A Bird!”

I can't think of anything I've ever wanted badly enough to say .... “By ___date I will achieve ____”

This doesn't mean I haven't wanted things and worked hard to get them. I spearheaded a million dollar building project and it happened. I had the fanciest garden you've ever seen because I worked 20 hours a week for about 5 springs and summers and in the end Wow! You can see the results on the Queen's Garden link in my sidebar. But there was no ticking off the items on the checklist about that garden. I just dove in and worked my little heart out and one day I looked around and thought “hey, this garden is too beautiful to keep to myself” and invited 100 people to a party.

I know that if I enter into something with joy and passion and concentration I will go far. It's really the only way I know to achieve something. Yet, like having 100 guests in my garden, I would like something I can point at to say “Hey – look! A goal – achieved!”

So. I've really been thinking hard and eventually, digging deep into my past I found a goal I want to achieve. For 20 years I stayed slim and trim and I had a great wardrobe. As time passed and the dress size went up, I held on to one special dress – one beautiful simple classic cotton sun-dress that, when I wore it, always made me fell like a princess – like a beautiful woman. I know I weighed about 143 lbs. when I wore that dress and so I have set that weight as my target weight. But the goal? The goal is to be able to wear that dress again.

I ought to be able to get there by mid-May, so I've set a single goal of wearing it on Mother's Day 2010. I may be able to wear it sooner. I am sure there will be other victories along the way – both Scale Victories and Non Scale Victories. But, like the day I had 100 friends in my beautiful garden, I will know I have arrived when I can button up that wonderful dress and wear it someplace. And when I wear it, I'll have my photograph taken and post it for all the world to see. .

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