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Sunday, October 18, 2009  

Thank you, V, L, K, and M. It really is an adventure - this twining of two lives over a long stretch of time. Sometimes there is this wonder that I, the ethnic Yankee catholic, could mesh my life with BD, the old Virginia episcopalian - I the Heinz 57 American, he the Pawpawdidindoitlikethat southerner - somehow found common ground. At other times, well, it was as if we both were escaping from Wrong Backgrounds into the custom fit of the life we've created for ourselves. But most of the time I just count my blessings and move on from there.

Today though I will be merely moving into the attic to dig out some warm clothes. Cold Weather and Wet has whomped down upon us and suddenly there isn't anything to put on besides tank tops and shorts. Last spring I did a major clean out of a lifetime of clothing but it's still daunting to me to venture into the darkness that is my attic. And it is dark because of one of those Challenges that M referred to - since there are now no functioning light fixtures up there and I must carry up a camping lantern .... but we won't talk about that, right? (oh where are the laughing smiley faces when I need them?)

And in the afternoon we will go to a wake for my dear friend L who died a week ago. There will be lots of people there because she was truly beloved and we'll all be smiling because she left us with more of happiness than of anything else.

Oh la! And I promise to post a photo of Blue Lace somewhere soon and let you know where it is.


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