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Thanks for sharing your beautiful story about your friend. She sounds like a wonderful person who was lucky to be loved by so many. Last summer a dear friend of mine died way too early and we all still greatly miss her. We cherish our memories and know she also is having a great time wherever and everywhere she is now. Knit on--Ramona

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Sunday, October 11, 2009  

Oh la. It has just been ages since I've felt chatty enough to post. There has been a general struggle to get back into werk mode after my NYC fling. It seems I forgot how to be an employed person while wallowing in the excitement of Life as a Sophisticated Tourist. And then I returned home to find a beloved friend had taken a sudden turn for the worse. She was diagnosed with the C-word in late July and on Friday she stepped through the portal and went on to her next journey.

It was the most beautiful death I have ever witnessed, full of peace and rest and comfort and surrounded by the sweetest family and many devoted friends - devoted and kind enough to be sure to visit but not to crowd around the family at the last. She had had no treatment, was on no pain killers and seemed to be in no pain, merely drifting away in a beautiful blue and pink and bright white aura.

Honestly, if you could choose a way to leave this world, this is one of the best around - with some months to make sure everything was in order, have a last beach vacation, be with all your immediate family and then ... just let go.

Oh Lucille, I will miss you so much, but oh my goodness, I bet you are having a grand time where you are now.

Speaking of death at the beginning of a post sort of leaves all the rest of what I might have said today relegated to irreverent, if not irrelevant, only of course L would not have thought so. And yet, posting anything else without mentioning something as big in my life would be ... well, in some sort of way, dishonest. Besides, L was a knitter - one of the knitters who actually lured me back into the fold. She had more of the most amazing sweaters I have ever seen. The last 8 years or so she had stopped making them because, as she said, she already had so many of them, but she continued to knit little gift bags that she filled with sample cosmetics and donated to the local woman's shelter. She had a network of traveling friends (including me) who would scoop up hotel soaps and shampoos to bring home to her.

But her knitting really was noteworthy. Entrelac, fair isle, patchwork - she did it all. And she was always graciously interested in whatever I was working on. Her eyes would twinkle and she'd remember some long finished project that she had stitched some long ago winter - for she had seen 92 of them! She had many memories.

So it is alright to post, not just about L, but about the life of this knitter, here on this knitting blog.



I am in the midst of a surprise project that I don't want to talk about. Not yet, anyway. And it has sucked up my knitting time in a way that has crowded out every other knitting thing - including the Cashmere Lace Shawl for TheQueen.

Of course, Her Royal ENFPedness would have found a way to Not Complete that shawl in a timely manner anyway - after all - that's what we do, we ENFPers. We mourn completion and let UFO' s linger on into the future so we don't have to say goodbye. Eh. Our curse. I will get back to it once I come to a clear understanding of what I am going to knit for Christmas gifts. I am contemplating socks, but when I think about them ... lawsee ... there are so many of them this year. 4 for sure, possibly another, and then ... another pair? Oh la! and a pair for P? 7 pair of socks between now and Christmas? I don't think so. Could I switch to hats? Hmm? there is no such thing as Second Hat Syndrome.

Well, I am still undecided about what to knit for Christmas, which, my dears, is only 74 days, 17 hours, 56 minutes & 13 seconds away!! But for sure, everyone else on my gift list is getting this white fruit cake soaked in spirits.

I gave them last year and they were such a hit that I plan to make Lots of them this year. Little cakes, not too damaging, no matter how many calories in them, because they are small. I believe I made 12 of them last year but this year there will be More.

In fact, I believe I shall go dig out some cookbooks and see what else this turning of the season prompts me to make. I have a little pie pumpkin. Perhaps pumpkin soup would be just the thing on a brisk October evening.

And knitting. Yes. Soup and knitting - a fitting way to say farewell to my dear friend Lucille.

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