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I love the sound of a sweater with a luscious alpaca boucle collar and cuffs!

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Monday, October 05, 2009  

Fall Fiber Festival 2009

I wasn't sure I'd even make it to the festival this year but at the last moment I had wheels and a clean house and a tiny bit of cash I'd saved in the Spend It Like a Man jar. (I'm so tempted to call this the SILeMan Jar but that's a little mean, now, isn't it?) I knew I was going to buy something but I wanted to buy something unique and happily, I found it.

Boucle yarn, yes but not just any sort of boucle yarn.

It's Alpaca boucle!!!

I bought 8 ounces - just shy of 800 yards. Not enough for a sweater but I don't know if I'd want a whole sweater out of it. I am thinking of a shawl, perhaps one of those dropped stitch shawls. And then I thought ... shimmery opalescent silk ribbon or thread carried along with it and worked into a fringe. And then I remembered the tan Adrienne Vitadini alpaca yarn upstairs in the upstairs stash. The stuff I bought for $15 a bag last fall at Stitches. A tan swetaer with creamy boucle collar and cuffs?



Lots of ideas. Here is a glamour shot. Alpaca boucle with silver.

Of course, there were lots of cute animals at the show.

And even cuter dogs - which we all know are not animals, but a superior form of human.

And while I'm adoring this precious dog I want to reccommend a movie. Mist
the tale of a sheep dog, a live action movie narrated by Derek Jacobi ( a major crush of mine with such a voice). I watched this on Saturday and fell absolutely in love. Yeah yeah, it's a sort of human story that anthropomorphises dogs, but it is so well done. This is a family watch. And there is a whole TV show devoted to Mist... check here.

There were true materpieces in the skein and garment show. This was the hardest one for me to resist touching:

This was inspiring - I have GOT to make me some fair isle gloves on tiny needles with super fine yarn.

This was the most inspiring of all and had I been the judge, I'd have given it the Best of Show.

Just look at that fringe!!

It was a beautiful day with blue skies and perfect outdoor temperatures, but this year the crowd seemed mighty thin, so I hope for the dear and faithful vendors, that there was a lot of money being spent. I love this little festival and hope to be attending it on into the future.

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