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Monday, October 26, 2009  

As Promissed

Here's the photo of the blue lace edging turning a corner. The yarn is merino so it wants to scrunch up right now but it will flatten out when it's blocked.

Here's a closeup.

The color is somewhere between the two photos - a little brighter than the first but not quite so loud as the second. And I am sorry to say - although I have been as proud as punch with how the pattern has worked out so far - I am now at that Daunting Moment when one finds a - gasp - Math Error. Although I believe I have followed this pattern exactly - I have discovered as add the edging to the short side of this shawl that there are two extra stitches lurking up ahead! This is the cast off part - the part that I couldn't have done wrong or the center part wouldn't have worked out. These were live stitches too, so it's highly unlikely I would have skipped a stitch. At the moment I can't figure out what I did wrong. I just haven't felt the love enough to go back and Count Carefully. I will. And if I can't figure it out I will rip back some of the edging and do a little fudging. But dang. This is a mystery.

I expected, if I did anything mathmatically incorrect it would be along the long edges, where one picks up selvedge stitches. But when I hit the first corner with no math issues I figured I was home free.

Well. Guess I figured wrong. Ah well. I'll leave it till tonight - who knows? the Knitting Fairy might come along and fix it for me while I am at work.

Happy Monday to you all.

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posted by Bess | 7:20 AM