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Oh ho, M'dear! You succumbed to the Lace Yarn Sale Siren, eh? I just closed my eyes and repeated to myself: "There's no place like stash, there's no place like stash..." !


By Blogger Marg, at 10:14 AM  

I'm convinced, it's the changing of the seasons. We can't help it. :)

By Blogger cathy, at 12:09 AM  

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Thursday, September 17, 2009  

Oh No! More UFO's in the offing

Who do I think I am anyway? Lily Chin's long lost twin? Am I really thinking I shall knit three lace shawls for Christmas presents? Do I even know three people who would want lace shawls? Aren't I already making a cashmere lace beauty that is past the half-way point? Am I crazy?

Well. Hmmm.

The answers are:

The Queen

But who could resist a lace yarn sale? And I have been lusting over these shawl and scarf patterns in Victorian Lace Today ever since the book came out. And after all - I need some mindless knitting for the coming few days. Something I won't need a pattern for. I don't want to knit More Socks till I have some guy colored sock yarn. I'm going to be sitting for long stretches at a time over the next 2 days and maybe in a car several days next week. I need lace. I Need lace. I NEED LACE! And by golly - I got me some.

Must dash now but a health update reports that TheQueen's meds are working, her new wedge pillow puts her to sleep (and keeps her there) at night, and she has more energy now than she's had months. Just in time to celebrate the BirthdayDay coming up on Monday. Happy happy queen.

posted by Bess | 7:38 AM