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Hoping you can fix your home connectivity issues somehow. I remember what a drag dial-up could be. (And yeah, there were times I couldn't get blogger to work on dial-up - it must be connection speed).

By Blogger fillyjonk, at 8:17 AM  

What I have now is satellite connectivity - it's very good on clear days in the early mornings. Not so hot on cloudy evenings. But always better than dial-up, thank goodness. Still thinking about switching my host but I realize I will always be chatting and talking so I probably will always be blogging too.

By Blogger Bess, at 11:04 AM  

See, I thought you were on hiatus and didn't visit because I thought there would be no posts. Glad to see you have decided to come back :)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:14 AM  

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Friday, August 28, 2009  

Thank You

Well my dear friends - Thank you for the kind and encouraging comments. I really wasn't fishing for them but I admit that yours have helped me as I work out my issues with blogging in general and Blogger in specific. I tried logging onto Blogger at work with the newer faster better machines and the speedier Internet access and had no trouble at all - which meant I really owed it to LtQ to see what I could do with my home machine. A bit of time fiddling with the computer's settings and lo, this morning the page opened up with all options, including the photo posting options.

It still doesn't let me cut and paste text into the box - but I am able to load photos, format text and, most important of all, check my spelling. If you ever saw the raw input of one of my posts you might wonder if I was even literate. The curse of the aural, dyslexic Virgo - born to talk under Mercury's influence.

Which is the other heavy weight on the scale balancing the question Should One Bother To Blog at All? - in this age of Twitter and Facebook. There is only so much computer time available to the normally healthy person, but MissLoquacity is probably incapable of not chattering on somewhere and only on a blog is there enough space in the text box to say everything that wants to gush out of her mouth - or off the tips of her fingers. I had forgotten that the reason I started a blog to begin with was that it seemed I was hogging enormous space on a knitting forum and I began to be a little embarrassed about it.

Blogger and I may not be able to repair our relationship - but if we can't, I will simply move to another host and put a link between the OldCastle and the New.

But as a reward for your continued interest - Photos!! Of the Sleeveless Sleeves in your Pi Shawl - at the point where I shall begin the knitted on border.

Here is a somewhat fuzzy closeup of the traveling stitches reversing between the diamonds. This was something I added to the design, along with turning the triangle into a diamond to begin with. While knitting it I was worried that the extra design element was overkill but now that it's done I like it a lot.

And so this weekend I begin the knitted on border. I haven't been this excited about knitting since I cast on Flidas. (not the part where I had to struggle to complete Flidas - but the first happy knitting part - in what? 2001? - in the Pre-Blog era)

It is supposed to rain this weekend - and cool off a bit. now - doesn't that make for a perfect opportunity to knit a cashmere lace border onto a cashmere lace shawl?

Again, my friends, thank you for your input as I wrestle with technology, rural Internet access and that greatest partner of all - Time. You are very kind and I appreciate your encouraging words so much.

Happy Friday to you all!

posted by Bess | 7:01 AM