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Thursday, August 06, 2009  

Thank you both for the compliments. Those socks are warm and they're really not difficult to do. Diann - I am in awe of you for knitting intarsia. I love it so much and have been daunted by its complicated handling. But even as I type that I realize that I could do an intarsia garment. I am always just doubtful about my own ability to finish what I start. Knitting that KipFee sweater on #3 needles did a lot to boost my confidence in actually coming to completion with big projects. I bet an intarsia sweater would be the same type of challenge ... I should just do it.

I will not, of course; at least not any time soon. I am knitting away on the shawl and the baby gift. I did succumb to temptation yesterday when I had a chunk of knitting time with no obligation to please anybody but me and cast on the lace gloves in Meg Swasen's book Gathering of Lace. I just wanted to see. to see if they were tricky. to see if the 4 ply Hunt Valley cashmere yarn would knit up on size zero needles (it does and the fabric is still silky soft). Just to see.

And here is what I saw - and wondered about ....

1. The cashmere does make a luxurious fabric even at this tight gauge
2. I am gripping hard on those thin metal needles which makes my hands tired
3. It also bends the needles. I wish I had zeros in wood, but I don't.
4. I don't think I'd make a bunch of luxury gloves for friends with this yarn because of item #2 above
5. I wonder what some of the thinner sock yarns or springier lace weight yarns would look like knit into these pretty gloves
6. I wonder if springier yarn would be easier to knit this pattern with

Well. I am only going to fiddle with this project this month. Just to see. Just when I am looking for something different to do with sticks and string. My true concentration will be on the baby gift and the shawl.

And the reunion - which is Saturday. And the girlfriend - who flies in on Monday. And the parents - who are missing me. And the sister - who I want to play with at least once this summer.

So - Happy knitting to you and may all your ponderings lead you into New Adventures.

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