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Monday, August 03, 2009  

Sigh. No Photos

And yet there is so much knitting to brag about. Ah well. I will have a camera soon enough and in the mean time I shall try to paint word pictures.

I spent all my free time this weekend knitting - blissfully industriously knitting away on two projects: the Pi shawl and the baby outfit. I am determined that these will be FO's by September - so after I post this I am going off to put in a little knitting before work.

First the shawl. It's my first circular shawl and I'm using the pattern from the Sleeves in your Pi shawl, only I am not putting sleeves in. Since the yarn, Hunt Valley Cashmere 4 ply, wants to be knit up at 6 stitches to the inch, 5.5 if I stretch it, the pattern only knits up about half a shawl. I've spent a week pondering how to extend the design, somewhat daunted by charting a big lace pattern of my own. I've charted out little 6 and 10 stitch repeat patterns, but this one will begin with 36 stitches and go up to about 50.

Also - I am too lazy to go read anything about either making pi shawls or charting lace designs. I have the urge to KNIT, not to do knitting math. So I sat down with some graph paper and began filling in the little blocks, extending the triangles into diamonds and making the traveling stitches go in a different direction. It works out okay, though I have to add a LOT of traveling stitches to get enough circumferential stitches to divide evenly by 16 ... the number of rows in the lace edging pattern.

So I am thinking of adding More Triangles to the outer rim. But as I began to chart it out I lost count of the stitches and their directions. This is a spoke shawl so you increase 2 stitches every 4 rows. Every row is always an even number of stitches, too, so it's sometimes difficult to "see" the center stitch of any segment. My flighty ENFP brain and my kinesthetic fingers grew restless once I'd turned the triangle into a diamond and refused to focus on doing the math needed to add the new triangles.

"What's the point in this. Just start knitting. You'll see what you need to do when you get there"

"I am bored"

"When will we get to knit?"

That's the sort of thing the old brain was doing, and since I do understand that what I am naturally inclined to do I am likely to do well, I gave in and began knitting. After all - I'm still knitting the part Gayle Roehm designed. I'm finishing up the last round of 330 stitches and have about 18 more rounds to do before I start knitting TheQueen's design. Here's a rough schematic of what's going on. The black is the original design, the red is the part I know will work, the green is still a bit iffy:

As for the baby sweater, the back is just about done - so I have a 13" square. I'll do the shoulder shaping before work today. I couldn't bring myself to knit the 6 month size, even though the sweater is looking awfully big. But the baby is due in September. This is really a cool weather outfit. When winter comes it ought to fit.

I never did get gauge. I figure "It's a baby and a boy. He won't care that much." Besides the yarn is extremely stretchy cotton/lycra blend. It's's version of fixation and it makes a rather plush fabric. Boring to knit right now, but the result will be very cute.

And now it is Monday. I am coughing less, dripping less, sniffling less - but I am still coughing, dripping and sniffling. I will be SO glad when all this allergy stuff has moved on down the road. In the mean time - happy knitting to you all.

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