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Just catching up. I'm so sorry. I'm glad time and knitting are helping. The lacework is beautiful.

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Monday, August 17, 2009  

Is Blogger wonkey today or is it me?

I can't get the posting page to display editing options or even photo uploading. I uploaded these photos yesterday and saved the post to write this morning. Still and all, I'm going to take a chance to show Progress Into Uncharted Knitting.

Here is a detail photo of the Pi Shawl. Notice where the diagonal fagotting changes direction and the diamond begins to narrow to a point. That is New To This Pattern. This part actually looks pretty good. What is not so elegant is where the pattern repeats begin - another straight fagot that has an unbalanced bit of stockinette stitching. eh. Nobody will notice. All anyone will want to do is scrunch her fingers into the lofty cashmere. This is not for competition - since I've come to know that competition knitting has gotten so good you have to add Original Design to your entry to win a prize.

I will read and study and even chart some more and learn how this is done so that the next time it's Closer to Perfect.

And just for fun - here is the Other Lace Project I'm fiddling with. It looks awfully loose to me - especially compared to the photo on the KnitPicks webpage. I may block this just to see. That's the fun of knitting, isn't it?

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