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Hi - I have a question on the » Jamestown­­Scotland Ferry -- can you drop me an email ..... or message me on Facebook or Ravelry??

Please - we leave Wed very early am ...

By Blogger rho, at 4:54 PM  

Yep, it's not only kids the benefit from a little time out now and then! I should know as I have a little knitting project (or three) thinking about its bad behaviour right now.

Have you tried talking to yourself as your knit the border? I don't have a dyslexia problem but when I'm working on something a little complicated, or things around me are getting a little busy, I will repeat the pattern to myself as I work either out loud or in my head as the situations warrants. It seems to help me concentrate better. Good luck when you go back to it!

By Blogger KathyR, at 6:59 PM  

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Monday, August 31, 2009  

Flummoxed. Stymied. Halted in my tracks.

Thanks, KathyR - I do seem more like my old self. I am going to put my crankiness down to a summer of sickness.

As for that shawl border, for some reason I just can't seem to knit it onto my shawl. I can't seem to knit such a long pattern without making errors - or worse! - seeing errors that aren't there and ripping back anyway. After a weekend of trying I have nothing to show for my work.

The French Trellis border that looks so lacy on the blue shawl in the Victorian Lace Today book is, alas, I think too heavy for this project. It's heavier and thicker than the shawl itself and I rather think borders ought to be a bit lacier than the shawl body. A perusal of the book found some lacier borders that still fit mathematically in both row and stitch count. Combined, they're a little longer – 62 vs 51 stitches, but longer is not a problem. The problem is – this is an easier border and I'm still making errors in my knitting or else my counting.

I was also struggling with the actual knitting because it seemed I had only the one #6 circular needle and trying to knit the border with the same needle that held all the shawl stitches was quite difficult. Around dinnertime on Sunday I packed that shawl up and walked away from it. I'll pick it up again, maybe this evening, maybe later in the week. But I know well, the seamstress' Rule of Three: After 3 mistakes, put it down and do something else. It stood me in good stead for decades of fine sewing. I'm sure it applies to knitting as well. And happily, I found another #6's circular in a box in my stash, so when I do pick that shawl up again, I won't have the ergonomic issue to deal with – only the brain-o-nomic one.

Also – I'll chart out the entire pattern on a large piece of paper. I can tell that my problems stem from a mild dyslexia I've suffered all my life. Finding things with my eyes has always been difficult. How I wish I had someone to read the pattern to me. I do so much better with my ears. In fact, I am seriously thinking of reading the chart out loud into a recorder and then playing it back to myself.

So. It is Monday again. The Monday that begins the last week of summer vacation for most folks, but it is also Birthday Month Eve. Already I can feel my spirits lifting and my body responding to the song of the crickets, the nip of cooler air (weather dot com guys are promising us perfection all week, after a little rain today) and the energy of the Holiday Months of Autumn. I wish I could stay home all day and play with toys – but more important, I wish us all the joys of a fresh new day, a fresh new week, and a fresh new month coming tomorrow.

posted by Bess | 9:38 AM