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Glad to see you back. I always worry a little when someone who normally posts goes silent for a long time...

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I was hoping you were feeling lots better - glad to see you posting again - it was all my fault though you know - I finally figured a way to check your blog daily - so what do you do but get sick and disappear from it ;)

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Saturday, July 25, 2009  

Don't you believe the date above. I wrote this thing today, Monday, July 27th!

HRRM. I hate typing the same thing over again but there's nothing for it. I can only get into blogger through the back door and it won't let me cut and paste from the nice tidy text doc I wrote this on yesterday - but here goes.....

I truly did not intend to to let my poor blog drop off Loquacity Cliff into the Pit of Silence
I'll admit. I have wondered if I had said all there is to say about the Life of TheQueen but there hasn't been any desire, or even intention, to make some sort of Grand Announcement about the End of Blogging. I have just needed a hiatus. Work has been utterly demanding. We've had a spate of delightful guests. 2 weeks ago I was felled by an allergy attack after triple exposure to the things that do me in. Let us hope this Sac-0-Pills will detoxify me. I've been home for a few days and am taking today off too. BD says the coughing is less but it always seems to be worst at night, robbing me of sleep and making me unfit for the public during daytime hours.

I have been singularly cursed with cameras too. My new camera was lost on a trip. The old camera worked a while till the little door that hides the memory card jammed. Even the library's Brand New Camera - bought so we don't have to keep remembering to bring our own in - has stopped responding to its' miniature buttons and it's making a little whirring sound, which is somewhat awesome, considering how tiny the thing is ... what could be inside that is big enough to whirr? At least it's still under the 30 day warranty with the shop. But cameraless blogging is not as much fun as blogging avec appereil photographique.

Still and all, I am in the mood to play catch-up. So. What has been going on since July 8?
On July 9th we had our wonderful Weekend With a Writer Summer Luncheon (means not the whole weekend long) with fabulous guest Sheri Reynolds of Rapture of Canaan/Oprah Book Club fame. She came up the day before and we had her up to our house for dinner, where she fit right in with the dogs and the eagles and the yurt and the Friends board on our back porch. She was an absolute darling and when she spoke at the luncheon the next day she lead that audience out as far as their imaginations could stretch and then softly, gently, brought them all back into the center of the room. She teaches at Old Dominion University and man - I am so jealous of her students. She was enthralling!

On July 10th LD came home to drive my Dad and me up to DC to visit dad's old stomping grounds. Traffic was appalling. I never thought there would be so many people driving into DC on a Summer Saturday but I hadn't taken into consideration Kings Dominion, south of F'burg. that, at least made sense, but who all those folks were north of Woodbridge heading into hot sticky down town DC - I will never know. We got off 95 there and took the stop light trip up Route 1. thank heavens for Sons and their portable GPSs.
Dad and LD at his childhood home.

Blessed Sacrament Church ... the family church

It was a long day but we're all still smiling about it.
Thursday the 14th M, BH, and TheQueen ...

went to Richmond to attend the book launch of our friend Emyl Jenkin's newest book The Big Steal. This is the second in her series of mysteries set in the antique business, which, given Emyl's own background, is thorough and entertaining.
Emyl was our first WWW author and has been instrumental in helping us get other authors to give up a whole weekend to enhance the literary world of Essex County. I love her mysteries because they're kind stories, not gory. The people main characters are not unduly flawed, but rather, more humanely flawed, like I hope that I am. Quirky, but not twisted. I didn't make this comparison first, but I agree that they are far more like Precious Ramotswe's Botswana mysteries than Stuart Woods' gritty city crimes.
We girls had a splendid time which is good because the very next morning I woke up with the worst allergy attack since '02! Bad enough to hie me to a doctor last Monday to get on Zyrtec and codeine and back again on Friday for bigger stuff. I'm almost better but still coughing enough to sound like a consumptive so I shall stay home today as well. There's no pressing dooty on my schedule for today and I'll be better for one more Day of Not Talking.
And tomorrow - perhaps I shall feel up to sharing with you Thoughts From A Knitter Who Has Spent 5 Days With Her Stash.

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