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Go, Sock Knitter Supreme! I, on the other hand, have to remember where I put mine when I tidied up last week...


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Tuesday, June 16, 2009  

Summer of the Sock Spiritual & Snapshots

Yes. Well, I am feeling particularly silly I suppose but how's this for some lyrics? (Think Paul Robeson)

Go down, go down,
Way down in TheQueen's stash
Tell that
To let those Addi's go

Thank you Cathy for the inspiration. And here are the promised photos – since the $13 card reader from Walmart did the trick and now I can load pictures again. Here is the completed pair of socks, knit in the springy Spirit Trail sock yarn, in a wonderful pattern of knits and purls.

I hope you can see the difference between the sock knit on #2 needle and the one on #3. It's always difficult to photograph dark yarn.
This, alas, was a candidate for the frog pond – at least, half of it. I knit the heel flap too shallow, although I did knit it the requisite # of rows (I think. Now I will have to go count. This is the sock I knit while BD was in surgery a month ago)

See how it bulges out below the ankle bone. Not a pretty thing. Ugh. Those toes are not so pretty either, but both of them, sock and toe, can be fixed.
Here is the sock I am concentrating on now. This lovely yarn was purchased in July 2008 – a birthday present for BH. She will get the socks in July 2009. She has tiny tiny feet and slender ankles.

This is a First Sock, though – lots of knitting left to do on these. Can I finish them by next weekend? We shall have to wait and see.

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