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Wowza! My mother-in-law is very disciplined and she shakes her head in disbelief when she sees my two or three knitting projects "on-the-go". I think she would faint at the sight of all those socks LOL! She just doesn't get us "creative" types ;-) Knit on sister! :)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:12 AM  

You're a woman after my own heart, Bess! If I don't start a project when inspiration strikes, it will never be right. Isn't it fun when you find almost finished projects you'd forgotten about?

By Blogger Diann Lippman, at 7:22 PM  

You continue to make me feel good about the (merely) four pair of socks I have in my socks box...!


By Blogger Marg, at 11:30 AM  

Holy cow, what a lot of socks and beautiful yarns! Looks like there's a lot of fun in store for you. :)

By Blogger cathy, at 10:04 PM  

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Friday, June 12, 2009  

Proof of Knitting (but you have to read the text first)

The solstice is nearly upon us. It is always a powerful time but this year, it is due to have extra special potency. It happens under the 'dark of the moon' just while the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron is reaching the peak of its 'second wave'. If ever there was a time when you could start to make your wishes come true, reach for your dreams and start bringing long needed change to our world... it's got to be now. Be ready for several months of amazing opportunity.

This is MrHoroscope's advice for everyone and MsHoroscope has this to say to me and my virgo sisters:

In the quite near future (in just over a week) the Sun will be moving out of your 10th House of Career and into the part of your chart where it's all about parties and schmoozing and having fun with your mates. However, don't use this forecast as an excuse to get the party started early. Rather, remind yourself that you only have a week or so left to really focus on your career, where it's going and where you feel it should be headed. It's your annual chance to focus on your career direction, so don't waste it!

Well – I would be glad of a break from the werkwerkwerk of my life but I am a little nervous about not having the sun shining down on my werk because ... I have a lot of it. This is the busy season in any public library and right now libraries are busier than ever (see this Today show broadcast) as people look for free Internet, free job help and free entertainment. Still and all – I can't change the stars and if I'm to be miss social butterfly starting in just over a week. Hmmm. The beginning of summer reading club.

Here is some happy news, though – I found that if I jiggled the cord in the camera's jack, I could get it to cough up it's photographs and send them to the computer. So – today there are photos (dim light, cloudy skies, muggy air, uninspired photographer) of the many socks I intend to knit this summer. Voila!

The lovely blue Namaste bag LD gave me one Christmas is stuffed to overflowing with sock yarn and sock projects. Most of the half completed pairs are in Ziploc bags, though I found some buried at the bottom of the bag when I emptied it.

On the left is a pair of Cherry Tree Hill Yarn red socks that are more than halfway done. On the right is a pair knit from Spirit Trail Yarn that are very nearly completed. This is the pair I'm currently knitting. I'll have to unpick the toe of the finished sock and knit the foot a little longer before they're done. The goal is to finish them by Sunday night.

Here is some Trekking sock yarn in blue, half way down the cuff of the first sock. This will probably end up as Christmas Socks for one of my guys. On the right is beautiful Paprika sock yarn from Canada - a gift from V. Must stitch up the toe of the First Sock and finish knitting the Second Sock.

On the left is an almost finished first sock for my cousin BH. I bought the yarn for her last birthday - July 08. I guess I'll give her the socks for her '09 birthday. She has small feet so I'll tackle these next. On the right is a pretty little pair of socks in another Spirit Trail yarn - a gift from the dyer - with a knit and purl cuff.

This was what was left in the bag. Bottom left is a pair of socks I knit for Mama. Alas, her diabetic feet have grown so wide that these are too tight for her. As knit they are too short for me. So - a picking I will go and then re-knit a longer foot. Continuing clockwise in a spiral there are two skeins of fabulously coordinating Spirit Trail sock yarn in an autumn hand paint and a green semi-solid. 800 yards altogether, these will be a fancy pair of something. Above that at almost 12 o'clock is more ST yarn in harvest colors. Coming down the right from 1 to 3 o'clock is some purple and pumpkin yarn I got at MS&W. It's Cherry Tree Hill end of the spin yarn and they'll be knit together in some sort of knee sock. The green skeins lying at 3 o'clock is that Sundara sock yarn. Below that, at 5 o'clock is the beginnings of a lace sock knit in Regia sparkle. I have some black of that yarn too but I guess it's hidden somewhere.

Curling up into the center is some mystery sock yarn I got in a sock of the month club years ago. I ended up not liking the pattern and frogged the first sock when it was almost done. I knew I'd never knit the second sock and its nice enough yarn to deserve a pattern I will complete. In the center above that is some soft grey ST yarn I also bought this year at MS&W to knit BD something wonderful.

posted by Bess | 6:51 AM