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I'm so happy that your doctor's appointment brought good news and relief. Revisiting your youth and seeing today in the new eyes of your little neighbour are also good. Your week was hard, but it brought good things, which is what any of us can hope for. The pictures of your garden are absolutely beautiful. I wonder you can ever leave it ;-)

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Thursday, June 25, 2009  

I'm back at last - with photos at the bottom

The past 10 days have been so demandingly busy I hardly have time to remember what I have to do next. I like to have plenty to do but this is not my idea of fun – this crazy busy time with nothing wonderful to show for it. This is frenzy for routine stuff, not scrambling around to throw a marvelous party or put on a fantastic production or preparing for some exotic trip. It's budget design, it's loading quickbooks with invoice numbers and then shifting funds from here to there to cover them. It's sitting, gratefully, but bored, in doctor's offices. Truly, not the stuff of read-worthy blogging. I'd have bored myself before I could finish a post, most days the past week or so and since the readership of this site is so low these days I'm likely to be the only one stopping by TheCastle anyway, there seemed little point in chronicling daily dullness.

Not that every moment has been so stultifying. There have been some sweet moments in the past 10 days , including a visit from a dear cousin who remembered not only being terrified of our grandmother's attic (for me, spooksville was the basement) but also being saved by my dad when she choked on a marble as she lay laughing on her back on my bedroom floor.

It's a funny thing about memories, because as she told me this story there was a slight tremor in my chest, a shaking from somewhere deep within ... who would have thought the memory lived in the body though if it had been so deeply buried in the mind I couldn't bring it to the surface even as I heard the story told? But I do remember a proposed overnight stay or weekend visit when I was very very young, a pre-schooler, I'm sure, that was suddenly canceled because my cousin began to cry and wouldn't stop. I am sure that was the occasion. My god – if parents knew how many ways children would risk their lives none of us would ever have gotten born.

In addition to seeing beloved family, we got super news at the doctor. BD does NOT have to have surgery on his good eye! The dr. said if he didn't have the proof of identity on BD's chart he would have thought a different patient had walked in the door. Happy happy news, that this could be taken care of with medicine and not invasively with knives and needles. There will be another surgery but it is less invasive and won't take place till late in the fall or early winter. Some things are such glorious gifts there really aren't words to describe how grateful we are for them.

I had a hot date last night too – with my neighbor, a rising 4th grader who simply had to introduce me to Transformers II – an animated crash and bangfest that was almost as entertaining as the audience. I remember when LD began collecting Transformers more than 20 years ago. Any of you remember the TV theme song? “Transformers....More than meets the eye!” The movie is everything a boy would love – trucks and fighting and a hot girl who changes into a robot. And a nerdy hero with the ultimate in weird parents who are still lovable, if embarrassing. The 20 somethings sitting both behind and in front of me, the target audience for the kissy parts, (my date and I closed our eyes at those bits) were primed for every battle, explosion and transformation. Truly, it was complete entertainment and my neighbors have invited me to come over and see the dvd of Transformers I anytime I want to.

Another magnificent treat has been the weather. Baring a Saturday of unimaginable heat combined with the sort of humidity that melted your face off, we've had lovely weather. Father's Day was simply beautiful – and combined itself with my cousin's visit ... after I'd vacuumed up 3 weeks worth of dog hair. Monday, the long doctor's day, was equally lovely if a little warmer. I've had several crack-0-dawn meetings that got me to work early enough that I skipped out early yesterday to just go home and enjoy perfect summer weather. It was so beautiful I took photos so, come join me on the lawn, in the deep emerald green of a perfect June afternoon.

Won't you sit with me in the garden?

A bit of rustic architecture.

Step into the woods for a bit of cool shade.

Or join me down this path to view Mr. and Mrs. B. Eagle

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