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Great news for your husband! And I'm so happy your day ended better than it started. Fresh air is a cure for many things. Take care and you're very welcome! :)

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009  

Better Tuesday

thank you M and V. Your sweet comments are very very welcome. And you know, as it often is in this funny old world, the day didn't end up nearly as pinchy and gloomy as it started out. The doctors did identify what was wrong with Ed's eyes and though it means More Surgery, it doesn't mean he has to choose between his eyesight and his heart – vision or life – but instead has an alternative route to better health. I did get back to work in time to make half a dozen crucial phone calls and get 2 or three important things moving further along the path.

Best of all I got in a grand walk with the dogs before work and by golly I am going to go take another one in 10 minutes. I can't believe the difference in attitude a little exercise can make. Once out on the long straight stretch along the west woods or standing beneath the huge willow oak by Jacob's gut, or gazing through the trees at the old corn crib, I could hear answers to problems and see Next Best Steps to take.

And so – it is my goal to take that morning walk every day it isn't actually raining in the morning. I have to do it by 7 o'clock or I will be late for work, though, and since I see it's almost 7, that's all I have to say today.

Except thank you for your thoughtful comments – funny how much good those little things do. Happy Tuesday to you.

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