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Here's a hug so that perhaps your Tuesday will be terrific.

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If only knitting could burn more calories :) I hope things smooth out for everyone in your world and that you will soon see calmer skies travel over it.

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Monday, June 08, 2009  

Bad blogger. Blue Monday.

Sigh. June is turning into a very cranky month. There are the usual strains of winding up the fiscal year, with promises to Self that Next Year I'll be more efficient, tidier, and more structured. A Better System will be devised. There is also the tension of gearing up for the Summer Reading Club – all fun stuff but intensely people oriented – lots of school tours, newspaper announcements, etc. Add to this some pressure from higher-ups, valuable and exciting, but heavy, to expand library services into the more remote areas of the county. This comes with time tables and TTD lists. So, work is ... it is HEAVY.

On top of that, BD's body has not accustomed itself to the serious body chemistry changes that took place after his May surgery. His medications are not playing nicely with each other and we are having to make lots of doctor visits to get them to behave. Today is one of them and since all this is affecting his eyesight, I must drive him. I am glad to do this, but ... see paragraph above.

The weather hasn't helped with it's crashing thunderstorms dumping inches and inches of rain on already wet ground. The corn, planted twice, is underwater again – though some of the new shoots look like they'll make it anyway. Power outages, downed trees, that sort of thing, made last week even crankier – and I am just not looking forward to this week, though there is nothing on my plate I don't want to do . . . or even don't like to do.

I am also dealing with a couple of disappointments of a personal and familial nature, neither of which is momentous, yet, when taken with all the other things that are turning June into prune or gloom or whatever it seems to be turning into, deepn the spiritual blues, as they lurk in my psyche and prick me whenever I am feeling particularly down.

So. So. So what to do?

I think that the #1 thing I need is more physical activity. It's very easy to skip going to the gym and if ever there were a gal in need of endorphins gushing through her body, it is ThisQueen. I am feeling like the "before" pictures – flabby, clunky, and sloppy. And a scant 2 months ago, after 2 weeks of regular weight and cardio workouts I felt grand and powerful and happy. I think Dr.Queen is going to self-prescribe 3 gym visits a week plus regular walks with the dogs. In fact ... I think I'll head out now.

This must be the gloomiest blog post I have ever written – but be assured. If it were really bad around here I would fall silent – not blab about it. I only share the stuff that isn't too personal. And there is knitting going on – I am just camera-less ... one of the above mentioned disappointments – and look to be so for a good while. You will have to take my word for it. Socks are lengthening and when there are Finished Socks I will borrow a camera and take pictures.

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