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Tuesday, May 26, 2009  

Wouldn't it be wonderful?

I'm grasping for inspiration from the stars today. Not an unexpected reaction to the Tuesday following a Monday holiday. I spent 3 days doing mostly exactly what I wanted to do and now I have to go in to work and scramble around like a crazy woman. This week won't be a bad week ... in that there is nothing particular I dread doing this week. It's just that there is SO much that has to be done between now and June 30 and I'm inclined to be nervous about failing.

So – let's hear it for MrHoroscope!

Don't worry needlessly today.

And MsHoroscope!

So what's going on for you at work? Hopefully you are starting to feel a little more optimistic about your daily working life. Perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel...

I'm going to follow their advice and accept their encouragement – that and play my “Wouldn't it be wonderful?” game. It works like this:

Just begin saying "Wouldn't it be wonderful if ....." and say whatever would be wonderful that pops into your head. Repeat this about 25 times - or for 15 minutes - or from the time you get on the bus till you get to your bus stop – or from the time you get in your car till you get to work.

It's amazing how thinking of all the wonderful things that you'd like to have happen can really help lift your spirits. It's also amazing to me how many things I can think of. Oh, I start out with the requisite “lose 20 lbs by my birthday” and “had enough money to put in a real lawn” and “got all my work done by June 30th”. But before long it's “Wouldn't it be wonderful if the rest of Daddy's life could be soft and gentle and he would be content?” and “Wouldn't it be wonderful if all animals could find homes?” You can see where this is going – I start where I am – here in the physical world with it's pin pricks and kisses and I expand into the wider social world and usually end up with something like “Wouldn't it be wonderful if nobody was ever separated from God?”

Well. Sometimes I think I would rather live always in paradise and sometimes I think I do live in paradise but for sure I think it would be wonderful if we always thought we were living in Paradise. And short of that – I hope you feel like you are living in paradise today.

Happy knitting.

posted by Bess | 7:22 AM