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Hmmm... an interesting week ahead, indeed! I have a Writers' Centre Board Meeting on Friday, at which they might press me to stay on for another year -- and the answer will be a firm, polite, "No." :-)

Have a great one, Dear Bess!


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Sunday, May 31, 2009  

Stars in the Sky!

Well, my dears. Here it is Sunday already. A happy, carefree, chore-less Sunday at that. All mine, wrestled out of the week by my toil and diligence. There are still threats from the sidelines that might suck me away from pleasures of my own choosing, but I am not going to listen to them. Only if they grab me, shake me, and haul me off, will I surrender to the outside world.

I woke this morning after a simply fabulous dream to sky rattling thunder, which the weather dot com guys promise we'll have the rest of the day. I had hoped for sunshine but I have never resented a rainy Sunday. They're reminiscent of happy times in my childhood – for Mama, who was creativity embodied, never played with us unless it was a rainy Sunday. Only then might she pull out art supplies or come up with songs or stories we'd never heard before and share them with us. Somehow, a rainy Sunday still holds the promise of creativity and love pouring over me. It may be that I do the pouring now, but the feeling has never left me.

Today I will knit and today I will draw and today I may paint. In between those delightful pleasures I will read an inconsequential but pleasurable mystery novel. (Sacred Cut by David Hewson) I will let tomorrow take care of itself for a while and let Mercury's return to forward motion get settled in so I can jump into the coming week with all the stars behind me, for here is what MrHoroscope has to offer for Virgo's this week:

Beware quick, superficial judgements this week, especially if they lead you to conclude that you've got a big problem. What you've actually got is a big, positive opportunity that could yet change everything for the better.

and here is what MsHoroscope tells us all to look forward to and look out for:

On Wednesday
Mars meets Pluto under a loving Libra Moon today..., It's also a great day for anyone who needs to be more assertive in business. Be as pro-active as you dare. Allow others to see how motivated you are. The only things we ever regret (really) are the things we didn't do. And this really is a Doing Day.

This is good – I have an important meeting with a newly formed committee for the building of a library branch/community service building in the far northern end of the county. This grew out of a discussion with my county administrator after he had seen his library director shine at a Big Deal Conference. Nothing like looking good in front of your boss, huh? But the seed of this project has always been here, waiting for spring to germinate. It is up to us gardeners, now, to tend it well so that we end up with a flourishing plant, not a rampant weed.

On Friday:
The prevailing link today is between the Sun and Saturn - it's not harmonious and it's quite likely to leave a lot of us feeling like (a) we're being pressured a lot more than we want to be or (b) that we're being scolded by a rather stringent headmaster! The best thing to do is bear in mind that the skies are a little tense today, that it's a passing phase, and that arguing back is probably about the worst response possible. Far better to win over the moral high ground by reacting to any problems with a very mature and long-sighted response.

Well – I can do that.

Ta my friends. Happy Sunday.

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