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I got one, too!!! Mine has light brown beads with daisy-like flowers on them. It does look like a space station when in motion.

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Thursday, May 07, 2009  

The Power of BLUE

I'm always surprised at how powerfully blue affects any other color. Here is some wool/mohair blend - it has the look of Persimmon Tree Farms stuff - but it might not be from them. There's lots of gold in this fiber but the blue dominates it all. Blended together with some rich reddish brown (or brownish red) it's giving the 2 ply a browish color.
Too soon to tell what a whole skein of this will look like but I am sure I will be pleased. I am thinking either hat or socks. The mohair ought to lend quite a bit of strength to a pair of socks.

The spindle is my new Trindle spindle and I am totally in love with it. The long tapered shaft is a delight to twirl.

posted by Bess | 7:02 AM