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I'm sure that when you are physically able to give full reign to your creativity, that your inspiration to write will come back to you. Creative people need an assortment of activities to feel fulfilled, and when those activities are limited, those that are still available to them tend to get neglected. It's all or nothing for a lot of artists. I'm happy to read you are doing better though, and enjoying some beautiful weather. We've been living under grey, rainy clouds for two weeks and even had snow last night!I’m so ready for warm and sunny weather, you have no idea! I love that picture of your dog, he really looks like he's surveying his domain :)

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Happy to hear that your finger is mending, however slowly (it's never fast enough when there's knitting to do! LOL!)...and I love that ribbon yarn. In fact, I think I have something similar in my stash, waiting for me to create a tee-shirt out of it...


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Tuesday, April 07, 2009  

Yes! She lives!

She's still splinted which means the letters E, D, S, W, C and X are constantly being typed by mistake, creating words that even Microsoft Spelcheck can't correct. One reason I haven't been posting lately. Another is that I haven't been knitting much either. Though I can knit, after a fashion, I can't seem to stick with it for long. There is a painting, but this one is far more ambitious – a portrait, and it's in-between stages. Unlike knitted works in progress, unfinished paintings are not particularly interesting, except to the artist. Work has been demanding and I have been concentrating on some other, inner, projects, as well, the sort of navel gazing that is not meant for public consumption.

For the most part, though, I just haven't felt literary. Words have not flowed easily from me, the t urn of phrase, the music of sentences strung out in long streams of colorful poetic imagery just hasn't been there. Perhaps pain interrupted the flow or perhaps concentrating so hard on the visual messages made my brain disconnect the language circuitry. I wonder ... could that be the cause? Or am I just out of ideas and doomed to live out my life in boring mendacity or empty silence. Hmmm. Right brain? Left brain? Integrated brain? No brain? Scary thoughts.

Ahh. But she has thoughts – therefor she is. And when language fails on a blog, one must fall back on photographs, so I shall start with Proof Of Knitting:

Can you see the two different colorways in these ribbons? They are part of my Stitches 09 haul and are destined to be a cap-sleeved summer top in subtle stripes that flow from orange and tan to orange and pink and back again. I know the garment shape will work – I've made it before – not sure how impressive the stripes will be but there you have it – I want to try.

From other corners of my life, here is what a boat bimbo does on her BoatGuy's Birthday.

And here is a magical spot you might want to visit if you are ever fooling around in lower Essex/upper King & Queen counties.

The beautiful dragon swamp.

And if you happen to be coming up my way – or down my way – or out my way – do stop in. I'll take you on a walk through the enchanted forest, to see Peter Rabbit's house!

Jack is unimpressed.

Children are delighted.

So. Life is good. Spring is spreading across the land.

Maryland Sheep and Wool is less than a month away! If you see me there, please say hello.

posted by Bess | 6:32 AM