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And it's a finger! :) I can understand you feel exposed. After all that pain, you think a gust of wing might break it again. Here's to your little finger getting stronger every day. I'm so impressed by the flowers I see popping up on people's blogs these days. Up here flowers are barely poking their shoots out of the ground and trees have yet to wake fully up. I'm hoping by next week we start seeing little budding leaves in the trees.

I'm so jealous you are going to the MFF! I hope you have a great time and find many wonderful yarns and rovings to adopt and bring home.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009  


Yep. The splint came off yesterday and I walked around all day feeling exposed and vulnerable.
And flexible!

There is still healing going on – hence the band-aid on the tip – I'm not letting that tender skin be exposed to be bumps and bashes that sprinkle themselves through the kinesthetic life of a person who does everything with her hands. But more than half the nail has grown back and, though it's pretty discolored, it's smooth and flat and I am satisfied.

But goodness who would have thought one little finger could interrupt someone's life to such a degree?
At this point one might have thought I'd have picked up knitting needles first thing – and in fact, I did pick them up and dump them into a tote bag, just in case my knitting group wanted to meet yesterday – but nobody did. It was absolutely the worst rainy day we've had in a spring full of dark rainy days. I woke to such a roof drumming all I could think of was curling up in bed with a cup of hot tea and a good book – of which there are many on my bedside table. Alas. It was not to be and not only did I dootifully go in to work, but I also gave full praise to the rest of my staff who so womanly braved the storm to come to work.
But back to knitting – I have finished one tube of ribbon on the cap-sleeved summer top I'm working on. Here's a schematic drawing. The lines inside denote decreases and increases to create a waist shaping.

The plan is to alternate the two ribbon colorways in stripes. I'm ready to start the second colorway. I'll know within a few rows if it doesn't create the effect I want. This is a quick pattern to knit but I have to knit slowly if I don't want the needles to split the ribbon. Plain stockinette because this crinkly rayon ribbon creates enough texture all by itself.

What I did spend time on last night was the preliminary drawing for a painting I want to do. On Easter I took my camera out and captured all the glorious blossoms lifting their heads in praise. This one captured my interest because I'm fascinated by all the different colors that make up a white blossom in bright sunshine.

As for the nitty-gritty of the Life-0-TheQueen ... well, the taxes are done and paid, the attic is emptied of ancient wardrobe detritus, the rush is on with outdoor yard work and the rush is on towards MS&W. I will be there this year, with friends, happy to say, and I am sure I will be shopping – but I am still sated, no, glutted by my Stitches Scores last fall. It may be that I do very little actual spending. But I am ready for some festival energy, looking forward to seeing long lost friends, and I plan to take both camera and sketchbook. I expect to have a very good time!
Happy Hump Day to you all.

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