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Wow! Thanks for that video! I can't believe it's real, they had to have used tricks or something. Amazing!

I'll get to go on a country walk too this week-end. Roger is working on a friend's farm on staruday and I'll tag along. I might bring my lapotop to do a bit of work inside and play outside for a bit. We'll see. Enjoy your day at the library! Oh and thank you so much for the wooly advice you left in my blog comments!

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Friday, April 10, 2009  

Thanks Audrey. I do love to spend time in this beautiful outdoor setting – in fact I'm going to do so in just about 15 minutes. I'm taking a slightly earlier walk today because I'm off to play with my cousin and her daughters about 9 o'clock. Every other month I work a Saturday and this month is it. I actually love working Saturday because it's shorter hours and it brings me in contact with a different group of library patrons. Also, the rest of the professional world is off on the weekends so nobody can call and complain about whatever task I've done wrong or even left undone altogether. It's like getting two days off instead of one!

Still being a sluggard about my knitting, but in an attempt to dazzle you with my fiber acumen I offer here this video clip. I can't take credit for finding it, though. It was sent to me by Joe of my favorite yarn shop On the Lamb, in Staunton, VA. Love ya Joe!

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