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Happy Easter Bess :) We had a lovely, albeit cold, Easter Sunday driving around the country side and looking at the landscapes roll by. Good luck with the "finger unveiling" tomorrow!

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Sunday, April 12, 2009  

The sun came out just as it was going down behind the west woods yesterday, after a dark story Saturday that rained out all the area egg hunts. This morning it rose out of the east woods before the moon had time to hide and I am sure they spent a long time catching up with each other. Together they lit Occupacia Bay with silver fire that gleamed through the fringe of trees out my bedroom window. I felt like a treasure box had suddenly popped open. This view of the bay will soon disappear behind the green screen of summertime but for now I can still see the wide swath of shallow water where Mr. and Mrs. Bald Eagle like to fish.

The weather dot com guys promise clear skies and coolish air for 2 days and then the rain returns, so I plan to spend as much of this glorious day outdoors as I can. Real knitting is happening at last, though quite slowly. Looking forward to Tuesday when the splint comes off at last! Photos will follow soon. I promise.

posted by Bess | 7:55 AM