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Congratulations on number 35! I'm glad you had such an idyllic day -- the perfect way to celebrate.

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So glad you had such a wonderful time. I can't believe the color of the sky in your pictures. What an amazing blue! We don't get such skies up here, we have lovely ones, but never azure like that. Beautiful flowers too btw :)

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Sunday, April 19, 2009  

Starting Year Number 36

Thank you, my dear friends. We did have a perfect day on Friday and made sure it truly lived up to the astral advice – it was all play. We did it all, too, the breakfast in bed, two good long walks, a little time on the river, some outdoor play with my camera and a good restaurant dinner.

Breakfast was French toast and coffee, and then we started out walking down the lane but the farmer was plowing and it was just windy enough to make us not want our path to intersect his dust clouds. Instead we ambled on down the woods path, looking at the signs of spring. There is a plank bridge over the middle swamp that snakes across little islands surrounded by leafy wetness. About 15 years ago BD planted several dozen cypress trees and we like to go see if we can find forgotten ones that have finally popped up tall enough for us to see. Usually we just follow the paths and view the swamp from the banks, but this time we crept up much closer to the edge of the swamp looking for knees. We found a few, but most of the trees, though tall, have yet to throw up those primordial aerating humps. We really poked along on that walk ... I went so far as to lie down on the swamp bridge and just look up at the trees silhouetted against the blue blue sky. You cross the middle swamp and have the option of taking the straight path that will take you out to the mailbox or you can veer left and go down the secret path to Mossy Point - which is a high point that overlooks the marsh, the islands and the river across to Westmoreland County - it's a glorious view of maybe 2 miles of upper Tidewater. Once up there, though, BD said he wanted to take a canoe trip up Farmer's Hall Creek so we turned around right then. He had to bail out both canoe and motorboat first so I puttered around the house a bit - working on some pencil sketches for some paintings I might want to do.

Alas, my hand is not strong enough yet to do much paddling - it began to throb a bit and we turned around after a couple of bends. The tide was running out so it was much easier to go home than to paddle up stream. At home BD suggested a walk down the lane - and we went all the way out to Robert's Landing, just soaking up the blueness and the springtime and sunshine. The wheat is getting tall enough that only the heads and backs and tails of our dogs rise above it when they walk through it, hunting for prey or other surprising scurrying things. In a week or so it will be so tall they'll have to actually leap up out of it and then we get about 2 weeks of Wheat Dolphins - sproinging dogs leaping up to get a bird's eye view of the fields. It's the most precious thing to watch.

Back home, while it was still afternoon, but the sun had begun to angle down towards the west, throwing sharp shadows on the landscape, I got in some great shots of the last of the daffodils.

They've lasted a long time this year because we've had such a cool wet spring. If it's a hot windy one they'll bloom and fade in 3 weeks but we've had a solid 6 weeks of them and they're truly spectacular this year. I particularly like these with their cheeky bold yellow centers.

They're standing along the edge of the forest like so many royal guards. Shot against the blue sky the colors are particularly vivid. With such stark contrasts, they're perfect for using to practice drawing shapes and shadows.

Obviously not a daffodil, but lilacs and butterflies are surely an April treat.

Twin Double Tulips - more opportunities to explore shaddows and sunshine.

There is a golf course in town that has a nice little club house restaurant building. When it first opened in the late 90's the chef was quite good but he ran into financial difficulties and it closed. Now and then different people have tried to reopen it but it's never quite worked out. It's a terrible location, behind Walmart on a little insignificant street. If you don't live around here, or if you aren't a golfer, you'd never find it. Thus, most of its potential clientèle is going to be local and the new folk running this place are just that - they understand that nouvelle quisine with it's dainty portions, isn't going to cut it among the sons and grandsons of farmers and fishermen.

We had a splendid meal, so good, in fact, we passed on desert. Didn't want to erase the delicious taste of suculent shrimp and sweet and salty oyters. The evening was mild enough, though not warm, so the drive home beneath stary skies was sweet. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day full of walks and talk and happy remembering.

I could wish such joy to everyone I know.

posted by Bess | 8:37 AM