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Nooo, don't go to Frederick Co.! The rest of us will be in Howard Co. :-)

By Blogger Catherine, at 2:23 PM  

Have a wonderful time! (And that red yarn is just gorgeous!)

By Anonymous diann, at 3:14 AM  

I am so looking forward to your review of the Fair. It's the next best thing to being there.

By Blogger Larry, at 8:11 AM  

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Thursday, April 30, 2009  


Or at least she casts on. At last, too. With beautiful soft red yarn sent to her by A, her regional yarn swapee from Canada. I'm using one of the 6 stitch ribs in Charlene Schurch's first sock book. The yarn is superwash and very fine so I'm using a #1 needle. It is so much more fun to knit that rayon ribbon. I am not sure I will ever even fondle that stuff in a shop, much less buy it.

Ms.Horoscope tells me:

Venus is doing some interesting things over the next few days, clashing first with Pluto and then aligning with the karmic lunar nodes. The clash with Pluto signals where we need to let go of dead wood in our lives to allow for transformation. The link to the Nodes shows where we are getting celestial help.
For you, you need to let go of something connected to: your finance, or related to romance, a creative project or a child.
And your karmic helping hand will help you out so that the way you live your life is more as it should be.

Hmmm. Maybe not quite what I want to hear on the eve of MS&W. Of course, I could always let go of my money in my romantic relationship with yarn, or my creative efforts at drawing. I haven't any children any more - just big grown up guys.

But there are some ways of living my life as I should that I would really like to expound upon - as in ... More Vacation Days, More Time With Girlfriends, More Slow Eating. Yeah. I can do that.

Off to Madison County and the library director's meeting with a stop in Culpepper for treats. Then it's Frederick County Her I Come.

posted by Bess | 7:11 AM