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What a beautiful landscape! It beats muscular instructors at a gym for me ;-) I never tried ribbon yarn, but I'm guessing it must make a very light top for summer. Perhaps you will like it better when it is washed. Sometimes we knit wool and think it's going to be scratchy, but after washing the wool becomes soft and fluffy. It's probably not the same with synthetics, I'm not sure. Have a happy Thursday too!

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Thursday, April 09, 2009  

Chilly Spring

One thing I am determined to do, now that the sun rises earlier in the day, is get in a good brisk walk outdoors. I love my gym membership and I am ever greatful for the friendly, skillful personal trainers they hire and the luxury of a swimming pool in winter, but it's important for me to spend some time outdoors too. Just being outdoors has it's benefits, but adding a little activity, a little movement, seems to flatten out the bumps and dips in my psyche. With a full time work schedule and short winter days I only get to wallow in the outdoors on weekends, but once April gets here I can take advantage of the sweet hours in the morning to savor the pleasures of dawn risers: the birds, the sun, as it peeps over the eastern tree line, the dogs who are clamoring for a walk.

But lawsee it has been cold the past few days. Yesterday I was in down vest, sweatshirt, and wool hat & mittens! In April!With Easter just around the corner. Poor little daffodils are shivering and it seems to me the trees are clinging to their lacy thinness longer than usual. Next week is our anniversary (35 years!!!) and it seems to me the forests are usually pretty full by then. Of course, a lot can happen in a week.

So – here is what it looks like in the Land-0-Bess at 7 o'clock in the morning.

The cap-sleeved ribbon top is going slowly and I don't know why – or I think I might know why but I'm not sure. I am knitting it in the round. It's nothing but an EZ seamless yoke sweater without the sleeves. But I've got it on a 36 inch needle and I think that is too long. Not enough stitches bunch up beneath my hand to “feel right”. I have to stop at least 3 times and maybe 4 on every round, to push those stitches up onto the needle tip. Fortunately I'm using an interchangeable needle and I believe I have a shorter cable I could switch to – I just haven't done it yet. I wanted to be sure I liked it enough to keep on knitting with it. I believe I do – but just barely. I tend to be an animal fiber knitter. The plant based fibers tempt me less and with ribbon there's a little scratch to it and almost none of that rayon drape drape – the main reason anybody ever uses rayon anyway, right?

I am not sure I would buy ribbon yarn again but I will persevere with this one, finish the garment, wear it and then come to a final decision. And, of course, nothing is ever final when it comes to fiber. The next clever engineer, artist, or designer will come down the pike and surprise me with a splendid new way of looking at an old friend and I'll get lured into giving it a try. After all, I once swore I would never knit again. Never say never, hum?

Ta now. Happy Thursday.

posted by Bess | 7:56 AM