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Ha! It's always good to remind people to appreciate you when they forget to. I say they made up for the many months passed your 30 year anniversary. Well done and congratulations! :)

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009  

30 Years

Social networks are vital as a source of support and you'll be reminded of just how much you get out of key friendships in the next two days. Surrounding yourself with like minded groups of people not only helps encourage you to be authentic, it actually improves your luck as well. The concept of belonging is important as you get clearer on the kinds of group dynamics you're most comfortable with. An inclusive attitude is your best accessory as you strive to stay connected to those that share the same interests, hobbies and past times as you do. Two or more people sharing a love of something can create more joy and pleasure together than one person alone. How will you unite with others to amplify your sense of satisfaction now?

Oh la! How's that for a horoscope when you're going to have lunch with your cousin today, go to a library director's meeting tomorrow and head off to MS&W on Friday with a girlfriend! And it's so much nicer that MrHoroscope's who says I have to hold a difficult conversation. I do not like difficult and I don't think I know everything nor do I need to pretend I do. So there. He must be talking about some Other sign by mistake. I will stick with MsHoroscope's exciting, happy predictions and plan on nothing but Good Days Ahead.

But at yesterday's board meeting I had real proof of the integral role I play within the social network of a community. When you work for an organization that is governed by a board you could have 5 or 12 or 20 difficult bosses or you can have 5 or 12 or 20 guardian angels. I have been fortunate to have the latter for my whole career and in addition to some stellar demonstrations of their support for me, there have been 30 years of knowing somebody always had my back. Not just somebody, but a dozen people, who, while they had expectations of me and expected nothing less than my best efforts, would go to the mat for me if the need ever arose. For one or two serious issues, they did go to the Board of Supervisors – speaking out in defense of the library budget and gaining much needed funding.

Like a good marriage, it's not so much the milestones that cement everything together, but the long years of day to day support that makes it possible for you to face life with confidence and joy. I've been blessed with such a board for 30 years and more.

But. And this is a BUTterfly but – for it's a funny happy sort of thing. Recently I received two invitations to celebrations “in honor of 30 (and 20) years of service” for two colleagues. And I am delighted that there are other library directors who have great and appreciative and supportive boards. And I truly don't compare my life with others as a judgment but only an observation. Truly. We are each of us unique people in our own unique situations. Still and all, my own 30 year anniversary rolled past last August and nobody said a word beyond “You don't say. 30 years? That's a long time”. And I had harrumphed to my staff yesterday about how nobody was unveiling my portrait and la de da . As a true E on the Myers Briggs scale, I do solve my problems, discover my feelings , and come to conclusions by talking out loud and by the time I was through muttering I was laughing at myself because I know that it's the 30 years of being there for me that's their true appreciation and not any sort of ceremony.

So you can imagine my slightly embarrassed surprise when, after the board meeting yesterday, somehow when I wasn't looking, a cake appeared and silver forks and Northern Neck ginger ale and a present and toasts and yeah – it was a Thank-you Ceremony from my very own board, who's had my back for 30 years. And to think, even my own BH knew all about this and kept it a secret!

So of course I had to tell them how I'd been grousing around all day so they could enjoy the good laugh at me. And the present? Oh My.

My favorite of all and soon to be gone forever.

Who loves me, baby?

Thank you dear wonderful Library Board. Thank you 30 times.

posted by Bess | 8:00 AM