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Tuesday, March 17, 2009  

With pinpoint precision and laser-like intensity, you are now focusing on an issue that causes considerable concern. That's fine if your concentration is helping you to make real progress. It is not so good though, if all this is simply stealing your attention from other matters that you could be usefully attending to. How worried do you need to be? Recent events have given you much by way of reassurance. Coming events will supply even more. Meanwhile, look for reasons to be cheerful, not fearful.

Sometimes he's so on target - that Mr.Horoscope

Dr had to take the nail completely off. YEEOWW. Bandaged back up with training on self care I go back next week. In the mean time, once blood had returned to my head, I went home, took another sweet codeine pill, some sugar and a nap. I'm not going to obsess about how gross this all is. I'm not. I'm not. I'm not.

I will paint a small springtime postcard, watch a how-to art DVD (thank you Mr.UPS for driving down my muddy lane a few minutes ago) and dream of MS&W and girlfriends and warm days

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