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"Anyway – the week ended and it's a glorious three day weekend – the last of the year till the end of May"

Huh? Don't you have any time off at Easter?

P.S. The dinner sounds fabulous. I treated myself to red wine and chocolate pudding -- home-made, no less!


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Sunday, February 15, 2009  

She's baaaack!

And from MrHoroscope:

Why not try standing on one leg as you juggle all those soft-boiled eggs? The planets have lately seemed extremely keen for you to stretch yourself as far as you can.

Yes. That's what this past week has been like. Busy – demanding – challenging – energizing – fun – and yet – unremarkable. Just ... all the busy you can be, working in a library. And having a cold. Just an ordinary cold but enough of one to send me home early 3 afternoons in a row, when I found myself putting my head down on my desk and trying to sleep a little. I know when I do that it's time to use sick leave. I had some serious paperwork to do and a couple of command performances that required my person to be there, not just my directions, which is why I didn't just stay home, but I think I made the paperwork job about 3 times bigger than it was because my head was so fuzzy.

Anyway – the week ended and it's a glorious three day weekend – the last of the year till the end of May so I plan to savor it. I scurried as fast as I could and it was still 2 o'clock before I finished cleaning the house – but it sparkles now. BD was off doing BD things but he came home with valentines candy – oooo baaaad. I had already promised him his fantasy steak dinner as my Valentine's Day gift.

No. It wasn't served by a hooter's waitress

He likes really hot sizzling steak so he likes to go to those all you can eat steak houses where the food is so-so but there's a steak chef who will cut you endless pieces of beef right off the grill. Sadly not only is there usually too much mediocre food at these places, but I usually eat too much too much AND then there is the 50 miles of driving we have to do to get home and unbutton our waistbands. And the steak isn't always all that good either – even if it is hot. So.
So I came up with an plan to create this experience at home. First you must understand that my kitchen is very efficient but it is definitely not an eat in kitchen. It's an L shaped galley type kitchen with tons of counter space but no place for a table. Not a real table anyway, but it's not too small for those wooden folding TV tray type tables. I set two of them up facing each other in the kitchen space between sink and stove, with the coffee pot within arms reach, the wine rack just behind me, and the stove right beside my left knee.

I have a cunning little stove top grill that fits over my gas burner and I bought some high quality steaks and cut them into small portions. When everything else was ready I put the first pieces of meat on the grill and rang the dinner bell. We sat in the kitchen and as one piece of steak was served another went on the grill. BD got his sizzling steaks, and don't doubt it, I got mine too, but he got most of them, and we had the fun of dining in our house in a room where we've never eaten before! It was such fun it was like having a new house. It was the most fun and afterwards we could go unbutton, unzip and lie down by the stove with dog heads on our chests.

It was the most fun dinner we've had in ages!

And now it is just the middle of a sweet three day weekend, not the second half. I promise – there will be knitting photos and content before I go back to work on Monday. I'm just about finished with the lace edges but I found my favorite knitting stitch dictionary and I still have some beautiful #5 pearl cotton .... I just have to try one more pattern.

And for those of you who don't have a 3 day weekend, but who will make it possible for me to shop on Monday – thank you.

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